The Xypehdra brand is but a wordplay substitution for ephedra, the most effective fat burning substance ever to have hit the market. Ephedra’s success was so marked that marketers still want this connotation of rapid fat burning to rub off on their supplements even if ephedra was banned by the FDA in 2004 for its serious side effects.

What is Xyphedra?

Xyphedra is marketed as a fat burner with all the hype tagging it at par with powerful ephedra-based supplements of the past. It “works like Extra Strength Ephedra.” Xyphedra is not only a brand name, but it is also supposed to be a new compound created by its manufacturers, Maddox-Remington Pharmaceuticals. Xyphedra is touted to burn fat like no other. Its site even has an oversimplified pictorial of Xyphedra’s action on a fat cell. The juvenile illustration, showing Xyphedra’s amplified signal stimulating a fat cell which consequently burns as energy, hardly offers an explanation. This is all you get, by the way, for whatever questions you may have.

12 Pounds In 72 Hours!

If anyone can safely lose 12 pounds in 72 hours, we’ll all be jumping in this bandwagon. Xyphedra not only claims but guarantees it or your money back. Yeah right, we’ve heard that before. In our book, the rate of 12 pounds in 3 days, is asking for trouble. A safe rate of weight loss is no more than 1-2 pounds in one week. Rapid weight loss leaves you open to arrhythmia, drastic blood pressure changes, electrolyte imbalances, low blood sugar, and gallstone formation. Some of these side effects can be severe enough to be fatal. What’s more, such weight loss will backlash into rapid weight gain later, so you may be back where you started or maybe even a few pounds heftier with some health issues to boot. This means this possible weight loss isn’t something to be excited about but one to be wary of.

What’s In A Pill?

One capsule of Xyphedra contains a proprietary 500 mg. blend of:
  • Green Tea – A common ingredient in diet pills because of its caffeine content. Caffeine has proven thermogenic qualities backed by scientific evidence.
  • Chocamine – Contains caffeine as well. Aside from increasing metabolic rate, caffeine is also known as a diuretic.
  • Phenylethylamine — the “feel-good” substance in chocolate. It supposedly improves mood and alertness
  • L-tyrosine – an amino acid that has the capacity to speed up metabolism and at the same time, enhance mood and cognitive performance
  • L-theanine – another amino acid that has mood uplifting qualities to help fight the stress of dieting and weight loss
  • Picamilon – a mood lifter or stress busting ingredient used in diet pills which contain caffeine
The only strong stimulant we see here is caffeine, which by no means matches ephedra’s fat burning capacity. This alone renders Xyphedra’s hype as over-the-top. It’s actually a relief if the actual ingredient stack is true to its label. The listed ingredients do not seem to be able to cause a dangerous drastic pound drop as fast and as much as the supplement’s website claims. If Xyphedra’s ingredient label is to be believed, we’d even recommend it. There’s nothing new about using caffeine as its fat burning stimulant; but, the inclusion of mood enhancing ingredients counteracting caffeine’s nervy side effects would have raised its review ratings.

Looks Good, So Why Not?

Sadly, we don’t trust the ingredient label. We just don’t like Xyphedra’s:
  • Dangerous “12 pounds in 72 hours” claim
  • False ad campaign (if the dangerous claim proves to be false—devil and the deep blue sea syndrome here)
  • Uninformative website
  • Vague manufacturer – As of this date, a net search offers no details on Maddox-Remington Pharmaceuticals.
  • Money back guarantee – If the search on its manufacturer turns up nothing, what are the chances you can get your money back without any other contact information but one number and one email address, communication from which is easy to ignore?

The Bottom Line

If there’s anything new for the FTC or FDA to chew up, Xyphedra is it. That is, if they can track down Maddox-Remington Pharmaceuticals of which the internet strangely can churn nothing on. Xyphedra just smacks of a scam with all those blatantly waving red flags. Save your money and look elsewhere. Phentramin-D diet pills are a much safer and better bet with a manufacturer that is aboveboard, so you can be assured of the veracity of the ingredient label as well.

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Just a matter of time before Xyphedra gets the chop.

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