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In the world of bodybuilding supplements, fat burners are only a part of it. There are many types of supplements, some dedicated particularly to muscle building. These usually revolve around the compound, nitric oxide. Xtreme NO is one such supplement.

What is Xtreme NO?

Xtreme NO is not a weight loss supplement. It is a muscle building aid that increases the body’s production of nitric oxide (NO) which pumps up the muscles after workout to make them bigger and stronger. By widening the blood vessels to increase blood flow, nitric oxide makes it possible to increase nutrient flow to the muscles. There is a plethora of nitric oxide supplements available for bodybuilders that promises to transform you into the next Hulk or one like him. So…

What makes Xtreme NO different?

The difference of Xtreme NO from similar supplements lies in its claims of:

Its “Day Long Perpetual Release” capsules

While other nitric oxide supplements immediately dumps its stack of amino acids for immediate conversion of the body to NO, Xtreme NO gradually releases its own so that bodybuilders and athletes can experience that long-lasting pump throughout the day. A muscle pump is that great tight feeling in the muscles which bodybuilders recognize when they have intensely and correctly trained them. It occurs when there is a rapid rush of blood carrying oxygen into the muscles, making them look and feel rock hard and swollen. Unfortunately this pumped up feeling and look is rather short-lived, post work-out, even with NO supplementation. Xtreme NO, on the other hand, claims that it can maintain that “pump” most of the day because of their gradual release strategy, also known as CRT or Controlled Release Technology. The supplement contains a compound called hypromellose, an ingredient that controls the delivery of capsule or tablet formulations into the digestive system.

Faster muscular growth and better muscle recovery periods

Xtreme NO is formulated with 2000 mg. of an “Advance Arginine Blend.” This translates to a good stack of amino acids, specifically L-Arginine hydrochloride, L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate and L-arginine ketoisocaproate, all of which the body converts to nitric oxide which in turn promotes muscle growth through efficient vasodilation, allowing more blood and nutrients to nourish the muscles. The increased flow of nutrients to the muscles allows them to develop more not only in terms of size but also in strength and endurance so that a bodybuilder can do intense workouts with shorter recovery or rest intervals.

Side Effects

Xtreme NO may harbor the same side effects as other nitric oxide supplements. Watch out for:
  • Migraine
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Skin irritations
  • Dry mouth
  • Palpitations
This is simply a short list. It’s worth asking your doctor’s advice before trying any nitric oxide supplementation, especially if you are under medication or have some blood pressure problems. Serious side effects such as breathing difficulties, vomiting, asthma, blood pressure changes, and even death can result if nitric oxide supplementation is abused.

The Bottom Line

Xtreme NO is getting a good number of thumbs up recommendations. As a bodybuilder, you may want to try this. The only caveat: their free trial. Don’t get sucked in to these bargains, no matter the promise of never enrolling you in an autoship program. It’s better to be cautious. Order this supplement from trusted sites like Amazon. If you happened on this article because you want to lose weight not gain muscle (well you do want that too, but first things first, right?), perhaps you may want to try a dedicated weight loss supplement such as Phentramin-D. Take a minute to see if Phentramin-D is right for you.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 4 / 5

Free trials make us wary. Otherwise, Xtreme NO seems worth the try.

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