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First we had a huge “to-do” over the discovery of acai berry and now, we have maqui berry. Let’s see how this new “superfood” pans out.

What is Maqui Berry?

The maqui berry, also known as the Chilean wine berry, has tested to be the most nutrient-dense berry, with far more superior antioxidant content than that of another super fruit, acai berry. The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capability) rating of this fruit is significantly much higher than any berry to date. This small, deep purple fruit grows in South America in such countries as Chile, Argentina and Peru. The maqui berry contains high concentrations of antioxidants that may help inhibit inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and the like. It is also thought, though not clinically proven, that maqui berries can help regulate blood sugar and therefore directly aid in weight loss. The maqui berry is particularly rich in:
  • Resveratrol — a powerful antioxidant commonly thought to be abundant in grape skins and therefore red wine, is also found in copious amounts in the maqui berry. Resveratrol is undergoing clinical studies as this substance holds promise of extending lifespans, increasing energy and stamina, helping control carbohydrate and fat absorption and even promoting metabolic efficiency.
  • Polyphenol — group of antioxidants occurring in plants which include the subgroups flavanoids, tannins, and lignins. These eliminate harmful free radicals in the body and help stave off aging and health problems such as cancer and other degenerative diseases.
  • Anthocyanin – a flavanoid that is responsible for plant colors or pigmentation. Maqui berry has a very high concentration of this strong antioxidant.

Talking About Ultimate Maqui Berry

Now that we know that the maqui berry has antioxidant quantities rated way over other healthy foods, it should be fantastic that we can actually incorporate this into our diets via supplementation. Ultimate Maqui Berry is a one hundred percent pure maqui berry supplement. It contains no other ingredient. Since it only has maqui berry and the berry, having one of the highest antioxidant concentrations, every pill contains the highest antioxidant content you can have out of natural food. Milligram for milligram, Ultimate Maqui Berry bests any pure acai berry supplement because its ORAC rating proves it has double the antioxidants per milligram.

How Ultimate Maqui Berry Busts Excess Weight

Ultimate Maqui Berry is primarily an antioxidant supplement. It is not a weight loss supplement per se, although weight loss can be attributed as a secondary or tertiary consequence of its intake. Because it is a powerful antioxidant supplement, Ultimate Maqui Berry may help you gradually improve your health by detoxifying your body. The premise is that weight gain or uncontrollable weight is a result of toxin build-up which wreaks havoc on the body’s regulation of its insulin responses, metabolic processes, fat and carbohydrate storage regulation, and blood glucose levels. Over time, our body’s natural response level goes out of whack and we have a hard time maintaining weight, controlling cravings and hunger pangs…you name it. What an antioxidant supplement can do is try to restore your body’s health by helping your body eliminate toxins more efficiently so you have more energy and better stress responses on your road to your weight loss goal. A healthy body means a better functioning one and gradually, one existing within the normal weight range.

The Bottom Line

Whether Ultimate Maqui Berry will play a huge role in your weight loss regimen or simply be a good add-on, you can’t go wrong with it. In our free-radical ridden environment, it always helps to secure a powerful buffer for ourselves. It would actually be optimal to partner Ultimate Maqui Berry with a safe, dedicated weight loss aid such as Phentramin-D. With a good diet, exercise, a powerful antioxidant and a superb diet pill, not only are you on your way to a confident, slimmer you but a healthy one as well.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 5 / 5

Not a diet pill per se, but could be one if you have the patience to wait for its results.

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