CLA is one of those natural-occurring substances most recently discovered to have very good weight management properties. Let’s see how this works…

What is CLA?

CLA is the acronym for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a non-essential fatty acid that is predominantly found in the meat and dairy by-products of cud-chewing animals such as cows and sheep. It is also present in human breast milk especially in women whose diets are particularly high in organic meat and dairy. The term “organic” is essential here as this refers to mostly free-range animals or those whose diets aren’t centered on commercial feeds. It is lamentable that the commercial grain diets of animals that supply our meat and dairy products have drastically reduced the amounts of CLA that should have gone in our daily diet. Fifty years ago, we were getting more CLA in our systems because farm animals grazed rather than consumed chemically boosted feeds. Today, to get a healthy dose of CLA without supplementation, we would need to consume a fantastic amount of meat and dairy per day, an unrealistic and unhealthy option.

Benefits of CLA

CLA has been known to serve as:
  • An anti-oxidant
  • A weight loss accelerator
  • A help in keeping a good fat to lean muscle ratio by lessening fat absorption while preserving muscle
  • Blood glucose regulator
  • Promoter of good cholesterol
  • An assistant vanguard against cardiovascular diseases
  • An encouragement for lean muscle growth
  • An anti-carcinogen
  • An immune system booster
Quite a decent number of published studies have shown that CLA taken in dosages ranging from 0.70 grams to 4.5 grams (3.2 grams being the most optimal dose) have decreased fat mass in overweight individuals. There is also some peer-reviewed evidence that high doses of CLA can indeed increase lean muscle mass and thereby metabolic rate. In this case, conjugated linoleic acid may actually help the body lose fat while preserving muscle mass at the same time.

What is Tonalin®?

Tonalin® is a patented standardized form of CLA and regarded as its best brand. Tonalin’s CLA is not from animals but is derived from safflower oil. Cognis Nutrition and Health under the Cognis Group manufactures one of the best quality CLA sources in Tonalin®.

What Can Tonalin® Do For Weight Loss?

When used together with a good diet and exercise regimen, Tonalin® can divert unused fat to muscles for burning during exercise and can help prevent your body from regaining fat. When excess fat is not burned for energy, an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase helps these fats get stored in our fat cells. Tonalin® works as a lipoprotein lipase blocker by diverting fat from the cells and channelling it to lean muscle where it gets incinerated during your workout. CLA or Tonalin® can also assist the body in preventing an easy regain of fat. The best part is, there are hardly, if any, side effects to contend with. As a weight loss aid, this supplement can:
  • Reduce fat storage
  • Reduce the number of fatty cells
  • Increase rate of fat breakdown
It would interest you that most of the published clinical studies have used the brand Tonalin® in determining the effectivity of the substance, CLA.

The Bottom Line

Tonalin® would be a superb supplement to experiment with. There are hardly any side effects and the cases reported were rare and mild, the most alarming happening to be a moderate upset stomach. CLA has proven to be a potentially good weight loss supplement as long as its intake is accompanied by a reasonable amount of exercise and a good diet consisting for the most part of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. As with any diet supplement, what works for one doesn’t work for all. However, Tonalin® seems to have helped quite a number and so deserves a lot of consideration.

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