TestoRipped is another enticement to the bodybuilding community to shell out for a powerful fat burner cum muscle builder. Wait, is there even such a thing? Apparently TestoRipped claims they are proof of such a possibility.

What Kind Of Product Is TestoRipped?

TestoRipped is advertised as a powerful fat burner and muscle definer for men only. The pitch: “…scientifically proven ingredients specifically designed to ignite intense muscle growth. Combine that with all other ingredient and you are looking at pure energy, raw power, incredible muscle gains and fat loss.” The claims from this product sound just like those from another dubious bodybuilding fat burner, Noxycut. Even the ingredient profiles of both supplements are similar. It is very easy to misconstrue TestoRipped as actually Noxycut slapped with a new label. The truth is, they are both from different companies. Noxycut is from Garret Devore Labs, a suit-burdened company with a bad record in the FTC. TestoRipped is from Health Science Nutrition, whose record is clean, so far. What we wonder is why the manufacturer neglected to post their identity at the TestoRipped website. It took a good amount of research on our part to stumble on to TestoRipped’s manufacturer.

Why TestoRipped’s Claim Defies General Physiology

It is a well-known fact among muscle builders that dieting to lose fat always means some muscle loss in the process. Restricting calories to get rid of excess weight also entails losing some of the muscles you have built. The key here is to try to maintain muscle mass or prevent a lot of loss by working out more. No supplement in the world, however, can pump it up when you are restricting calories or nutrient intake which comprises the essential proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients—the very building blocks of muscles. When you lose fat, you get to define your muscles not grow them. Losing fat around your muscles will make it seem as if you have gained more as there isn’t any “padding” anymore to hide the muscle shape. Perhaps this is what TestoRipped should make clear. To actually gain more muscle while going into a weight loss/ fat burning program is an impossibility. Experienced muscle builders will tell you that you will need more calories to increase your muscle size, not the other way around.

What’s In A Pill?

TestoRipped is formulated exclusively for men; hence the testosterone-laden ads. The supplement is stimulant-heavy with ingredients such as caffeine anhydrous, synepherine and yohimbe which make this product too powerful for the regular dieter. Even for bodybuilders, TestoRipped has garnered complaints on its side effects.

Learn about the Side Effects

Care and we believe, your doctor’s approval, should be taken before deciding to experiment with TestoRipped. The reported side effects have ranged as mild as bad breath to as serious as breathing difficulties and uncontrollable shaking. Here are some of them but by no means is this a complete list:
  • Bad breath — a common forum complaint
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • High degree of restlessness
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Hyperhydrosis or profuse sweating
  • Migraines / Headaches
  • Uncontrollable shaking
  • Anxiety
It should interest you to note that Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries have banned TestoRipped. Perhaps it is the controversial ingredient, yohimbe, that has made its entry illegal in those markets.

The Bottom Line

If you must experiment with TestoRipped, tread carefully. Although the manufacturer’s track record comes up spanking clean, we just can’t get why the TestoRipped website has such measly contact information, not to mention misleading ad claims. In addition, forum voices have established its drawbacks; but of course, some have vouched for its effectivity in fat burning as well. If you aren’t a fanatic bodybuilder or the type to experiment with your health, perhaps we give good advice when we say to look elsewhere. For the average dieter, we recommend you give Phentramin-D a try. Phentramin-D is formulated to continue on the success where the weight loss drug Phentermine left off, but with safe and almost side-effect-free ingredients.

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May work but be very careful.

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