South Beach Acai

Review of South Beach Acai

What the Product Claims: A weight loss of two to three pounds weekly Our Results: Subjects lost on average, 2 pounds weekly-resulting in an average of 12% weight loss in six weeks.

South Beach Acai Product Performance

  • Quickly burns fat and calories
  • Energy level boost
  • Less cravings and eat less
  • Lose weight permanently

South Beach Acai Ingredients

  • antioxidants
  • essential fatty acids
  • amino acids
  • phytosterols


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South Beach Acai Review

The market is so saturated with hype surrounding all of the acai products out there that we were hesitant at first to review an acail product. We, like you, were growing a bit tired of sifting through all of the acai products, but alas, we did find one that was worth posting. South Beach Acai does indeed work. This product fits our criteria for high quality that we look for here at WeightComment and hey, being offered a free trial bottle is pretty decent too, don’t you agree?
WeightComment’s Rating 4/5 Stars
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South Beach Acai
  1. From Sarah K.

    This product really is amazing. I heard it was the fruit with the most antioxidants in the world and eversince i’ve been on it i feel so good and i have lost weight as well, i dont know much tho but i’ll keep you posted!

    Sarah K.