Make way for another fat burning pill that promises to work miracles. Make way for SomnaSlim!

What Is SomnaSlim

SomnaSlim puts all other weight loss pills to shame. It’s the miracle pill everyone has been waiting for. “Lose weight in your sleep or get you money back guaranteed!” The testimonials on the official site is amazing. Feedback like “Lost 8 ½ pounds in 7 days,” “…Lost 14 pds. in 18 days,” “Lost 11 pounds in two weeks!” abound. All you do is take a pill, sleep on it, and you would be starting the fat burning process! No diet, no exercise! With potency like this, SomnaSlim should put most weight loss supplements out of business.

The Premise Behind SomnaSlim

The manufacturer, who remains unknown as of this date, point to studies correlating excess weight and insufficient sleep, although these studies have remained largely inconclusive.

What’s In Each Pill?

The ingredient stack shows a mix of fat burners, appetite suppressants and sleep inducers.

Sleep inducers include:

  • Melatonin – a well known herb that induces sleep
  • Passion Flower – mildly sedative and used as a sleeping aid as well
  • Aloe Vera – although used as a natural sleeping aid, there have been some complaints that it actually does the reverse.
  • Valerian Root – has a sedative effect and has been used as a remedy for insomnia for centuries

Fat Burners/Blockers:

  • Garcinia Cambogia – spurs thermogenic action and also blocks the conversion of starches and sugars into fat.
  • Chitosan – works as a fat blocker but there is not much clinical data to warrant it really works. This ingredient is also used as a sleeping aid.
  • Decaffeinated Green Tea – Green tea has clinically proven its thermogenic capabilities; however, it is the caffeinated version that has done so. The caffeine in green tea is the natural stimulant that helps burn fat. Taking that away only leaves green tea with some antioxidants that don’t really figure in the weight loss area.

Appetite Suppressants:

  • Glucommanan – a soluble fiber with a lot of positive feedback regarding its appetite suppressive capacities.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre – A high dosage, around 900 mg per day, has shown to have calorie restrictive effects on one’s appetite. We doubt, however, that there is this much gymnema in SomnaSlim’s formulation.
  • 5-HTP – reduces cravings and food intake
  • Phase 2 – an extract from the white kidney bean and used as a carbohydrate controller

Is SomnaSlim Worth A Try?

If you don’t mind wasting time and U$ 15.00 plus shipping on a bottle of SomnaSlim just because it sounds good, go ahead. Just don’t expect to sleep off your weight. First of all, it goes against the very grain of weight management. Your metabolism and your energy requirements are at their lowest when sleeping. Calorie burning during sleep, while ongoing, is at a very sluggish rate, not enough to make you lose even a pound. When it comes to weight loss, what matters is how much calories your body burns whether from fat or carbohydrates. To burn calories enough to lose excess weight, you must be awake and active, not in hibernation. Therefore, the fat burners and appetite suppressants are largely wasted in this pill. You must be awake for these ingredients to work. SomnaSlim may be the answer to your insomnia, however, but that’s all it will ever be. At U$ 15.00 a bottle though, you will be well advised to simply opt for a bottle of melatonin or valerian root supplement. It costs a lot less and will help you on your way to get to dreamland as well. Besides, buying melatonin or valerian root on their own assures you get more out of these sleep inducers with higher milligram contents.

The Bottom Line

You’re looking not at another miracle pill but probably at the next FTC and FDA fodder. SomnaSlim comes with all the portents of a diet pill scam:
  • Anonymous manufacturer
  • A money back guarantee with only an email address as the sole contact info – very easy to ignore
  • Fantastical claims
This also brings us to question: are those in the pill really what they are? You and we will never know, right? Although the temptation to try a product offering the easy way out is so tempting, don’t bite the bait. Nothing good is ever easy. Losing weight is still all about diet and exercise with just a little help from good weight loss aids. We recommend Phentramin-D if you really are serious about doing something with your weight.

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No weight loss supplement in the world can offer miracles.

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