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When a Harvard University scientist, Dr. David Sinclair, came to see the potentials of a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol in red wine, a media furor began over this substance that may hold the secret to longevity. The diet supplement market was quick to cash in this new find so resveratrol was synthesized into capsules, slapped with fancy labels and bandied about as the next anti-aging and weight loss miracle.

What Is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is an antioxidant still undergoing studies on its health benefits. Grape skins and red wine hold an abundance of resveratrol. Peanuts, green tea, blueberries and cranberries, among others, also contain this substance. In lab mice, resveratrol has shown to extend lifespans, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, and increase energy and endurance. There are no peer-reviewed studies, however, to prove resveratrol to have any significant benefit for humans. Its proponent, Dr. Sinclair, does not endorse its use in diet supplements as he and other researchers have not come up with concrete evidence that resveratrol can duplicate its positive effects in people.

What Can Resveratrol Select Do For Us?

Resveratrol Select is a non-prescription weight loss supplement that uses resveratrol as its main ingredient. Aside from its role as an anti-aging supplement, its roles in weight loss are to:
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Improve cell function — the better your cells absorb nutrients and eliminate waste, the better your metabolic processes go
  • Help regulate carbohydrate and fat storage
  • Assist in regulating insulin responses and therefore the efficiency of the body’s metabolism as well

What’s In A Resveratrol Select Pill?

The manufacturer claims there is as much resveratrol in one capsule as there is in 200 glasses of wine. To provide more weight loss aids, Resveratrol Select has been formulated with the addition of green tea extract (EGCG), caffeine and chromium, ingredients commonly found in many diet pill supplements.

Should You Take Resveratrol Select?

There are no promises that resveratrol itself or the supplement, Resveratrol Select, works either as an anti-aging pill or a weight loss aid. All we know is that Dr. Sinclair himself takes resveratrol (his own, not Resveratrol Select) on a daily basis (perhaps, using himself as a guinea pig, who knows?), so there may be something to its anti-aging promises. As a weight loss aid, resveratrol may probably only take a minor role. The workhorses here may be the green tea, caffeine and chromium picolinate. So Resveratrol Select is essentially an anti-aging supplement with some fat burning stimulants. If this isn’t a dedicated fat burner, then the weight loss formulation could be weak. Since the official website doesn’t disclose the product’s ingredient label (which is strange), it is difficult to tell how potent this supplement is. Should you take it? Take it if you simply want to experiment but we can not vouch for product safety or potency, as resveratrol has simply not been adequately tested.

The Bottom Line

In this case, it may pay to be prudent to look to surer offers. Unless there is an overwhelming acknowledgement that resveratrol and more specifically, Resveratrol Select, can actually do wonders, it would be best to turn your attention to supplements that can actually help you lose weight. Find out what people have to say about Phentramin-D, our weight loss supplement of choice.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 2 / 5

Despite impressive health benefits confined solely to lab mice, the supplement could be a good anti-aging choice but we doubt it can do much for weight loss.

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