Pure Acai Berry™

It’s hard not to get too excited about PureAcaiBerry™. Despite the numerous disappointing acai berry claims, this product seems like the real deal with a certificate and a guarantee of a pure acai berry supplement, as its name implies, without the addition of any other ingredient.

What Is An Acai Berry?

An acai berry is a tiny, purple fruit proven to have high quantities of antioxidants. The fruit has been a staple in the diets of people living in the Amazon. The hype around this berry centers on its anti-aging qualities and numerous health benefits such cholesterol regulation, mental clarity, sexual enhancement, and detoxification, among many others.

How Acai Berry Can Shave Off Your Excess Weight

With all these feel-good antioxidants, your body is supposed to respond positively by:
  • Feeling more energized
  • Having less cravings
By feeling more energetic, you will be compelled to move more and kick start a sluggish metabolism.

What Is PureAcaiBerry™?

PureAcaiBerry™ weight loss supplement boasts one hundred percent acai berry content. It claims the highest acai berry content of any supplement with each pill containing 1,500 mg. of pure freeze-dried acai berry and nothing else. The supplement is supposedly backed by a COA Certificate which ensures that the ingredient used:
  • has one of the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value
  • is organic
  • has more or less retained its nutrient purity
It also confirms that the supplement is manufactured under strict GMP (Good Management Practices) quality control procedures.

So What’s Not To Like?

We smell another scam brewing. Despite our best efforts, we cannot find:
  • Who the manufacturer is
  • A legible copy of the COA (Certificate of Analysis) certificate
PureAcaiBerry™ and PureAcaiBerry™ Max are one and the same product, packaged in a purple box. The manufacturer name is absent on the official site and in all other reviews selling the supplement. The company is simply referred to as “the manufacturer” or “the company.” Likewise, this elusive COA certificate is sometimes posted on some review sites but it is either illegible or the link to it goes into a blank or “Page Not Found” limbo. Mysteriously, this certificate is absent from the official website and there isn’t even any mention of it.

The Bottom Line

What you’re sure to get is a fifty-five dollar bottle of “goodness-knows-what’s-in-them” pills backed by an anonymous manufacturer and a non-existent quality certification. PureAcaiBerry™ is another acai product disappointment and one which gives an otherwise wonderful “superfood” a bad name. With acai berry products, be very aware of their authenticity.

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