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Proactol is a top-rated product by many consumers due to how well it works at helping to lose weight. Proactol binds 28% of your total fat intake, making weight loss easy. You do not have to modify either your diet or your lifestyle when taking this product. So imagine eating whatever food and burning 28% of the fat, that’s the effect of Proactol. This product offers you weight loss, an increase in metabolism and contains fat fighting ingredients. We did not put it as our top choice due to the high price, but we can tell you that it is guaranteed to work. There are many happy customers who are more than pleased to share their success with you.
  • Burn 28% of fat in anything you eat
  • Lose 4 pounds a week
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Lose weight and Save money with Proactol today

Proactol versus Other Popular Diet Pills

At 7.5 weight loss strength, Proactol beats even Lipofuze’s weight loss strength of 5. Proactol is a clear winner for losing both weight and fat intake.

Features of Proactol

Medical Studies:  This product is endorsed and backed by doctors and other scientific sources. Simplicity: One single pill can reduce the amount of fat you ingest by 28%. Bonuses/Incentives: You get up to $320 in extras Online program: Upon purchase, you get a access to a ‘members only’ site to access a weight loss program you can follow at home.

Proactol Results:

Product Claims: Absorbs 28% of the fat you ingest. What we found: Average weight loss between 3 and 5 pounds weekly. Users reported a15% loss in total body weight in six weeks.

Proactol Ingredients and Safety

  • Non-soluble fibers and soluble fibers
  • No allergens, artificial coloring, flavors, salt or preservatives.
  • Boost energy without jitters
  • All ingredients are natural

Other Features of Proactol

  • Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle
  • Great medical backing with 4 clinical studies
  • Decrease Your Food Cravings
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • For Weight Management
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Helps Reduce Excess Body Weight
  • Lowers food cravings
  • Bind Up To 28% Dietary Fat Intake
  • Helps suppress appetite


180 day 100% money back guarantee. We were very surprised by this product and to be honest, were not prepared for the results. This is a product that actually does what it promises. This is a supplement and not a drug. The natural ingredients found in Proactol come with no harsh effects.Many of our users reported feeling more energized while taking Proactol. This is a good product that works and a great contender in the field of diet pills.

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  1. From Melissa R.

    this product has piqued my interest :)

  2. From Lizzy

    works fast and efficiently. great guarantee (for most of the products on this site) but I just wished they put more in the box i will have to buy more. with the sales that go on it’s crazy not to buy yourself a box of these and try for yourself. it’s a bargain and i need to buy more

  3. From Skye

    It will take some time to lose the weight i aim to lose. (But hey, I should be the “Jarod” of ProActol. It does work.)
    It will lighten your wallet and your pants.

    – Skye (hearts!!)

  4. From UT BABY

    I have been using Proactol now since mid-November, and I’ve lost 12 freaking pounds, on schedule with the promised 1-2 pounds of safe weight loss per week. Obviously I am more then happy with my purchases which is the reason why i’m writing this testimonial in the first place.

    It’s sooooo easy to use, this review was spot-on. i admit that i was hesitant at 1st but glad i tried in the end.

  5. From James

    Well, almost NEVER leave review comments, but i thought i would be stupid not to return my gratitude! I’ve been on ProActol for 6 weeks now and have lost a total of 19.3 lbs.

    I can say without a doubt that it is indeed a weight loss supplement WORTH TAKING & definitely 110% LIVES UP to what a weight loss pill should be.

  6. From K. Smith

    I’ve lost more weight since I started this pill then I have on useless weight loss programs and false pills and it seemingly works excellently with no side-effects!

    I’m still stunned to have ran into a diet pill that actually works and sticks to its promises!