Phentremine Civ-xR

In an attempt to ride the popular weight loss drug, phentermine’s star, another supplement had been christened with almost the same name, spelt and sounded in an annoyingly similar fashion. Phentremine Civ-xR is not phentermine. Not by a long shot.

What is Phentremine Civ-xR?

Unlike phentermine, Phentremine Civ-xR is a non-prescription weight loss supplement, available over-the counter. Like phentermine, it is marketed as an appetite suppressant, although it claims to add two more benefits to its repertoire: energy boosting and metabolic kicking.

What’s In A Pill?

Despite its hype, “strongest phentermine alternative,” its ingredient list isn’t anything to whoop about. In fact, it is pretty mundane as far as weight loss supplements go. Its weight loss recipe contains:
  • Hoodia Gordonii – Up to now, Hoodia’s claim to weight loss has not been properly substantiated. No clinical trials actually validate that Hoodia does suppress hunger and cause weight loss. More so, this supplement does not have the certificates needed to authenticate Hoodia Gordonii’s presence in the formulation. This ingredient is under African conservation and special permission is needed to import hoodia.
  • Citrus Aurantium – Otherwise known as bitter orange, citrus aurantium contains synephrine, the most hoped-for alternative to banned ephedra. Unfortunately, synephrine has not lived up to expectations in that it has not provided the same fat burning potency as ephedra had.
  • Eviodamine – Although this Chinese fruit has promising fat burning qualities in lab rats, it has never been clinically proven to be the same for people.
  • Caffeine – This is perhaps the only ingredient in the pile that has been scientifically proven to be a real thermogenic.
  • Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) – ALA works as a good antioxidant and could help in regulating blood sugar levels as well.
  • Chromium – Chromium is essential in helping maintain blood sugar levels and regulate metabolism
  • Yohimbe extract – An extract from a popular aphrodisiac, the yohimbe tree bark. According to a 1991 publication, “Israel Journal of Medical Sciences,” 20 overweight women on 20 mg. of yohimbine a day, lost 7.82 pounds while also on a three-week 1,000 calorie diet compared to the placebo group which lost only an average of 4.87 pounds. Since Phentremine Civ-xR’s formula is proprietary, the amount of yohimbe per pill is undisclosed. Whether it has enough is anyone’s guess.
  • Senna – Senna is an herb that is primarily used as a laxative or diuretic. This herb is also known to decrease appetite. It may also interfere with the body’s calorie processing functions which isn’t good news because this can come at a cost of electrolyte imbalances and low potassium.
While the ingredient stack leans toward fat burning rather than appetite suppression, Phentremine Civ-xR really isn’t such a hot alternative to the drug, phentermine. Fact is, the weight loss promise here seems pretty lame, given that many ingredients, with the exception of caffeine, are not even clinically proven to help in weight loss. A study of only 20 people for yohimbe can hardly yield incontrovertible truth that yohimbe can guarantee weight loss.

The Bottom Line

If you’re expecting phentermine’s potency in Phentremine Civ-xR, be prepared to be disappointed. A better non-prescription alternative to phentermine is Phentramin-D. See our review, know how Phentramin-D works and examine what’s in each pill to make this the closest and safest option to phentermine.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 2 / 5

A bomb as an appetite suppressant but it does have a slight fat burning power.

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