Orovo Detox

Talk about a chic looking label, very minimalist, black, with just an O in the middle…that’s the Orovo Detox supplement. Well aside from a really voguish look, Orovo Detox doesn’t offer anything more.

The Orovo Story:

Once upon a time, the wife of Orovo’s CEO sat down to watch Oprah and happened on an episode where Dr. Perricone was discussing the merits of his 10 superfoods. She was so excited about looking 10 years younger that she decided to experiment by taking a 10-day challenge, eating the 10 superfoods everyday. After ten days, she did not look 10 years younger, but she lost 10 pounds and got rid of her acne without doing anything more than this diet. And the rest is history…. Hmmm…haven’t we heard this before? Yes, we have because this is perhaps the third or fourth supplement with exactly the same story outline with just the characters modified. What a coincidence, about one in a billion chances, that all three people— the Orovo CEO’s wife and the inventors of Lipovox and Leptovox–happened to see the episode at the same time, took a ten day challenge, got the same results, and thought of manufacturing a supplement which even Dr. Perricone never thought of doing himself. Amazing!

The Shadiness Behind This Supplement

There must be a lot of naïve, gullible people out there for a company to be so sloppy in its marketing ploys as to reuse a story thrice and tie it on to different labels. It’s not illegal, maybe, but there’s just something so wrong about the whole thing. For one, the credibility rating for this supplement has dropped down to zero, with integrity down the tubes as well. Why would a company do this? Well, if the marketing ploy worked for one supplement, why not make it work for the other? In this case, Lipovox, Leptovox, Orovo and Orovo Detox must come from one and the same company. If Leptovox attracted a lot of buyers with this story but eventually lost sales because of its ineffectualness, the company simply slaps on a new label called Orovo on the same product, uses the same story with new characters, and bingo!…it’s got new market again.

The Even Shadier Truth

At the time of writing Lipovox and Leptovox’s review, we didn’t know who their manufacturer was. Now we know and we were right to suspect it as the same company behind Orovo Detox. The manufacturer is Garret Devore Labs, the same bad guys behind Fenphedrine, Fenphedra and Noxycut. No wonder the Orovo Detox official site, just like Lipovox and Leptovox, does not mention a word about its manufacturer. That’s why we stress once more the importance of knowing the company behind the supplement you buy. Garret Devore Labs is currently facing lawsuits for their unethical business practices and bad customer service.

What’s In A Pill?

With an ingredient list as long as your arm, Orovo Detox claims to pack in 41 goodies, consisting of the 10 superfoods plus 31 natural detox agents. How one can pack in all these ingredients into a little pill, without comprising dosage effectivity requirements severely, is nothing short of a miracle.

The Bottom Line

We don’t need to go into what this supplement can do for you. Whatever the official site says it does, we’re sure it doesn’t. The only thing that will lose weight with Orovo Detox will be your wallet.

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That’s not an “O” on the label, that’s a “0” (ZERO).

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