The muscle building market is awash with supplements claiming to get you ripped, big and fast. While some concoctions do deliver, Noxycut is one such supplement that may have overstepped the boundaries of plausibility with its claim that the average user can develop a pound of lean muscle for every pound of fat lost.

What Is Noxycut?

Noxycut is a combined fat burner, testosterone builder and muscle developer pill. It is marketed exclusively for men because of the testosterone boosting ingredients in the formulation.

Noxycut’s Premise

With your efforts at weight resistance training, Noxycut will allow you to lose weight while defining and building your muscle at the same time. This is why it has ventured into the realms of the impossible because bodybuilders know that building muscle and losing weight at the same time are physiologically almost impossible to accomplish at the same time.

The Fallacy Behind the Premise

Bodybuilders who wish to gain muscle go into a calorie-loading program to provide surplus calories on which they can build more muscle. To lose excess fat, they have to restrict their calorie consumption. While they do lose weight on a calorie-restricted diet, they have to try hard to maintain or preserve the muscle they have gained. When you lose weight, some muscle is sure to go. So you see, it is simply either you eat more or you don’t, depending on your physical goals, but you can’t do both at the same time. Noxycut, however, claims it can do bothrid you of excess fat while gaining you more muscle at the same time.

Why Noxycut Claims The Impossible

If you knew the company behind Noxycut, you wouldn’t wonder. The official site does not mention its manufacturer but simply gives an email and one customer service number. Whenever you encounter a site with not much company contact information, BEWARE. In this case, the company wishes to remain anonymous because it has earned itself a very dubious reputation. The manufacturer of Noxycut is Garret Devore Labs, a shady company with numerous pending lawsuits and unresolved complaints. A number of their products have been deemed a scam, with accusations ranging from bad billing practices to misleading reviews. With far-fetched claims, Noxycut must join the ranks of its other questionable products such as Leptovox, Fenphedrine, Fenphedra, Curvatrim and many more.

The Bottom Line

If you can’t trust the company, you can’t trust the product. For one, you certainly can’t trust the ingredient label. As we have often said, “Who knows what’s really in a pill?” It’s best to take your time learning about good, working products with reputable companies behind them. Phentramin-D should be one such weight loss pill prospect topping your list. It has proven to be an effective, non-prescription weight management aid with safe ingredients and a solid backing of a recognized manufacturer, Lazarus Labs. Check out this page for more information on Phentramin-D ingredients.

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Know the company as much as you know its product.

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