Fierce competition in the diet market pill market forces supplement companies to differentiate themselves from the horde. NanoSLIM had to be known as the “tiniest weight loss remedy in the world,” and for its micro size, a potent supplement with only a required dosage of one table per day.

What Is NanoSLIM?

Aside from being the smallest diet pill around, it is rather vague what category of weight loss supplement NanoSLIM belongs to. A look at the ingredient stack tells us that it is a combined fat burner, appetite suppressant and carb blocker.

What’s In Each Pill?

The label on each bottle specifies that the following ingredients can be found in each pill:
  • Lagerstoemia speciosa (Banaba) – The active ingredient in Banaba is corosolic acid. Banaba is the native cure for diabetes in the Philippines and its curative effects for lowering blood sugar levels have been validated in peer-reviewed clinical studies. Control of blood sugar is vital in curbing cravings and hunger, which in turn makes it easier for insulin regulation and the occurrence of weight loss. Banaba is also proving to be an amylase inhibitor and therefore possessing carbohydrate blocking properties as well.
  • Cha’ de Bugre extract – An extract from a Brazilian plant which hasn’t proven significant weight loss benefits except for being a very mild diuretic.
  • Green Coffee extract – Its GCBE content has shown promise as a fat absorber and a liver fat metabolizer. This promise, however, has been seen only in lab mice and not yet in humans.
  • Fucus Vesiculosus (Bladderwrack or Brown Algae) – Its iodine content is thought to be beneficial to effective thyroid functioning and therefore production of hormones that increases metabolic rates. This, however, only benefits those with a thyroid disorder; otherwise, those with healthy thyroids may not see any effects.
It seems the best and most proven ingredient for weight loss is Banaba. The others may be good supporting ingredients. The question is….

Can You Trust NanoSLIM?

NanoSLIM’s website has been out of commission for quite some time. You are faced with a blank page, hosted by a third party site. Why a supplement’s marketing tool has long been unavailable plus the fact that the makers can’t seem to afford developing and hosting their site in their own domain raises two large red flags that say, BEWARE! Our discovery of the manufacturer raises a third. Iovate Health Sciences USA, Inc. has been in trouble with the FTC since 2010. FTC charged the company or false advertising on their supplements and ordered to cough up U$ 5.5 million in penalties. In this light, let’s just say you never know what’s really in that itsy-bitsy pill. Maybe, it’s simply a cheap sugar-coated thingy charging ten times more than what it’s worth.

The Bottom Line

I would wager my money on better bets. NanoSlim may dangle a good price tag, but if it doesn’t work you just lost U$30.00 on a fake rather than spending it well on a pricier supplement that actually gives you what you want. Consider Phentramin-D tablets and think: Where would you actually want to place your bet—on a dud or on a real winner?

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Unless you get a kick out of being scammed, don’t give this product a second thought.

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