MethylRipped® Adrenaline

Each person has his own weight loss goals. Some want to lose their weight gained from excess overeating and sedentary habits while others are fit and just want to lose a few pounds to define more muscle. MethylRipped Adrenaline is for the bodybuilding category of dieters who want to tweak their physique to look…well, more ripped.

MethylRipped ®Adrenaline from NxLabs:

NxLabs manufactures supplements for bodybuilders. MethyRipped® Adrenaline is the fat burner among its roster of bodybuilding products. Its powerful formula is advertised to increase fat oxidation by as much as thirty five percent within a day while retaining your muscle size. Combined with advanced resistance training and a low fat diet, this supplement helps you to target those hard-to-lose fats that get in the way of great muscle definition. NxLabs claims that you can burn off up to 13 pounds of excess fat. Its Rapid Liquid Gels™ ensure that that the supplement breaks down easily so that the formula can be absorbed quickly. MethylRipped® Adrenaline is formulated to burn fats by pumping up your adrenaline. Adrenaline increases your metabolic rate, athletic performance, and alertness, among other things. It helps the bodybuilder do much more than he normally could. The caveat here is that the body cannot keep releasing adrenalin often as this taxes the adrenal glands and can actually lead to an adrenal disorder. Adrenal fatigue can lead to the very thing you have been avoiding: weight gain. MethylRipped® Adrenaline is only good for the short term. It would be a good idea to consult a physician just exactly how short it should be.

What’s In A Pill?

The ingredient stack is largely proprietary so there’s no information on the amounts except for 1 mg. of Vitamin B1. Other than this, you get 845 mg. total of:

Adrenaline Stimulating Complex which includes:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Bitter Melon Extract
Caffeine in green tea and in its anhydrous form triggers the release of the hormone, adrenaline. This is why some people have an “up and at ’em” feeling, an energized sense when caffeine is ingested. Others, who are caffeine-sensitive, experience jitters and sleep difficulties. An adrenaline rush can help tremendously in a workout routine but it may increase blood pressure. Bitter melon extract was incorporated to help regulate blood sugar levels and keep blood pressure on an even keel.

Amplifying Complex which includes:

  • Svetol® Green Coffee Extract – redefines your overall form while ridding you of excess weight
  • Rhodiola Extract — helps balance the immune system and endocrine glands to improve the body’s ability to cope with stress
  • Bacopa Extract – an antioxidant which improves memory and mental alertness, thereby reducing stress on the brain
  • White Willow bark – used for centuries in Europe and China for pain treatment and inflammation. This could be useful to soothe pain from intense exercise

Vanilloid Receptor Agonist Complex which includes:

  • Ginger Extract
  • Garlic Oil
  • Cayenne Extract
The combination of these herbs has been noted to combat poor circulation. Improved cardiovascular health improves one’s sense of well-being, stamina and endurance, all essential to keep up with the rigors of weight training.

Cortisol Control Complex which includes:

  • Phytosterol Extract
  • Black Tea
When adrenaline is released, so is the hormone, cortisol. Unlike adrenalin, though, cortisol takes some time to build up in the system so that when adrenaline levels peter out, cortisol is there to stay much longer. If your adrenaline is pumped up, the level of cortisol will also be pumped up but will be present for the longer term. Too much cortisol in your system for continuous lengths of time has numerous side effects, such as blood sugar imbalance, lowered immunity, impaired mental and physical performance and even weight gain. This category of ingredients helps to fight the negative effects of cortisol and reduce its levels in the body.

The Bottom Line

MethylRipped® Adrenaline tackles excess weight at the bodybuilder level. Weight loss at this level is not as much what other diet pills can offer because the supplement caters to a body that is on the average, already considered fit and lean, but just needs more refinements by squeezing out the last vestiges of fat to get to that aesthetically ripped physique. If you are an average dieter, you need to look elsewhere. Now, if you’re joining a bodybuilding competition, this supplement could really help. It takes a unique stance on physique refinement by stimulating the adrenal glands to get the most out of your workout. It also is something to be careful of. Too much adrenaline all the time is going to prove detrimental over time; so use this supplement with care and consult your physician about it. Also expect some side effects such as insomnia, headaches, bloating, and stomach disorders, symptoms which some users have noticed and voiced in forums. Otherwise, MethylRipped® Adrenaline is seems like a good supplement to try for getting definition to all those hard-earned muscles.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 4 / 5

It seems powerful enough for burning hard-to-lose fats quickly but a bit unsafe for prolonged periods of use.

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