Metabolife® is whole weight loss management program integrating a series of supplements categorized into two stages. The brand has had a notorious history from which the new brand owners are careful to distance themselves.

The Metabolife® Program

Metabolife® offers a range of products to suit whatever stage you are in your weight loss plan. Stage 1 is for those who are beginning their weight loss programs. Products under this stage call for fat burning power, appetite curbers, and energy enhancers.

Stage 1 Products

Metabolife® Ultra packs fat burning and appetite suppression with:

  • Super Citrimax ® — a patented extract of garcinia cambogia which suppresses appetite and promotes satiety
  • Caffeine — a clinically proven thermogenic ingredient, present in numerous diet pills
  • Co-enzyme Q10 – benefits those with metabolic syndrome, but otherwise is unlikely to be of any use in regular weight loss

Metabolife® Green Tea is a stimulant-pumped pill and therefore a fat burner of note with:

  • Green Tea — has caffeine which acts as the thermogenic stimulant
  • Guarana — has twice the caffeine content of coffee beans. This herb supplies some of the caffeine content for this product
  • Yerba Mate – also contains caffeine. This herb is the third ingredient with caffeine content
  • Super Citrimax® — a garcinia cambogia extract which is thought to suppress appetite

Metabolife® Caffeine Free is mainly an appetite suppressant with:

  • Super Citrimax® — This is makes this supplement an appetite suppressant only as there are no stimulants. It is ideal for dieters who are caffeine-sensitive
Stage 2 addresses the humps that sometimes creep up while on a weight loss regimen. It is a fact that metabolic processes in some people slow down as their bodies go into survival mode while others experience decreased energy when going on a lower calorie diet.

Stage 2 Products

Metabolife® Breakthrough gives that extra thermogenic kick while dampening appetite with:

  • Green Tea – provides fat burning stimulus through caffeine
  • L-Tyrosine – an amino acid which may improve thyroid production and therefore metabolic rate. There is not much clinical data, however, to support this action.
  • Cayenne – contains capsaicin which suppresses hunger and thereby helps in lowering caloric intake

Metabolife® Extreme Energy fine tunes your weight reduction process to help you achieve more fat loss with:

  • Green Tea, Guarana and yerba mate – supply the majority of the caffeine stimulus to enhance fat burning and increase in energy
  • Eleuthero extract — known as Siberian ginseng, this herb is used to boost energy and helps the body cope with stresses of dieting
  • Rholsiola extract – activates the enzyme, lipase, which helps breaks down hard-to-melt fat in the adipose tissue
  • Theanine – dampens the jitters caffeine can induce while keeping caffeine’s energy boosting powers
  • Asian ginseng – helps regulate blood sugar levels and therefore metabolism

The Company Behind Metabolife®

ISI Brands is currently the company backing the brand. Metabolife used to be a brand known for its ephedrine-based supplements. The old Metabolife was marketed by Metabolife International Inc., whose founders (Michael Blevins, Michael Ellis and William Robert Bradley) were accused of a number of things such as tax evasion, fraud and corruption. CEO Michael Ellis in particular was found guilty for manufacturing methamphetamine or crank. The company was also fined U$ 100 million for using illegal software. ISI Brands has been careful to maintain its good reputation and seems to be successfully restoring Metabolife’s good name.

The Bottom Line

The present Metabolife® supplements do merit a try. The Metabolite program advocates good nutrition and exercise for optimal gains from their products and offers the convenience of weight loss tools such as a weight tracker and a recipe finder to make weight loss even easier. The supplements aren’t divided into too many ingredients which means higher content per ingredient and possibly, more potency.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 5 / 5

Lots of support and a number of supplements tailored to weight loss needs spell success for determined dieters.

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