As you have probably painfully found out already, there are a lot of bogus weight management products claiming miracles. Others simply take your initial investment and then milk you with monthly charges on their autoship programs. There is, however, another type that does work to a certain extent but you’ve got to pay through your nose for it. If there’s any product that smells of overpricing, that is Lipozene.

What Is Lipozene?

Lipozene has been featured in “As Seen On TV” ads (testimonials from which you must take with a grain of salt as these are often faked or overhyped) to promote weight loss the lazy way. Lipozene is an appetite suppressant that has only one ingredient, glucomannan.

So Then What Is Glucomannan?

Glucomannan is a fibrous derivative of the Konjac root. It works by forming a spongy material in your digestive tract when it absorbs water. This helps form more stool bulk which allows waste material to pass out easily, thereby lowering the chances of constipation. As a fiber, it promotes absorption of fats, cholesterol, and sugar. This makes glucomannan a very promising side treatment for people afflicted with diabetes, high cholesterol and digestive issues. Because of all of these, it is viewed as also a very promising aid to weight loss. Glucommanan has no major known side effects except for the fact that it (and all other fiber supplements) is dangerous in solid pill form to people with esophageal problems. The supplement can expand in the esophagus upon contact with moisture and block the throat. Other than this, glucommanan is perfectly safe. Minor side effects from fiber intake are flatulence and slight abdominal discomfort.

How Does Lipozene Bust Excess Weight?

Lipozene does what glucommanan does—dampens your desire to eat more than you should. Glucommanan increases your satiety levels so you feel full even if you ate only half of what you normally do.

What’s In A Pill?

Glucommanan, the all natural fiber from the Konjac root is all what is in a Lipozene pill.

The Company Behind Lipozene Is…

Lipozene’s manufacturer is Obesity Research Institute, a company that was fined U$ 1.5 million by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for false advertising on their previous weight loss products, FiberThin and Propolene. The company has since settled with the FTC in 2005. In addition, they have stopped their autoship program for which they have been pilloried for their unscrupulous billing practices. Given such a notorious background, should you trust Lipozene? It seems the company has cleaned up its act, but should you trust a company which has had a credibility issue? Let’s just say Lipozene is a risk in the sense that you really don’t know what’s in that pill and you may or may not have your money back despite their money-back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

If you are attracted to Lipozene because of the dietary benefits of glucommanan, simply turn to glucommanan as your supplement. These fiber pills can be bought from reputable retailers for the fraction of the price of Lipozene. Glucommanan is a cheap ingredient. A whole bottle of 180 capsules of NOW Glucommanan is U$ 10.00, a much better deal than the offer of U$ 30.00 for only 60 capsules of Lipozene, don’t you think so? That’s why you can’t trust a company with a stained reputation. Lipozene makers are charging you almost ten times what it actually costs. If the only ingredient is glucommanan, rebranding it has given them license to tag on an exorbitant price for the gullible. No doubt, Lipozene will work for you as much as glucommanan will. You, however, don’t need Lipozene to get this ingredient. It should be available on its own at your local health supplement store.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 2 / 5

Lipozene works but it just isn’t worth the price.

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  1. From Grace Group Von Graupen

    i wish the makers of this product returne my money… i did everything it was menetion to me.after i have my surgery i star a diet of low carb and planty of water.. i did not lose one pound,, from nov 9,2011 was my surgery. on dec.9,2011 i star the pills i gain 52lb ,,, i call because they say the will return my money ,, that was a lie… also the pills did not work…

  2. From Anthony Hamdan

    I bought Lipozene about 4 months ago. l was thinking I could take them back to Walmart but Walmart doesn’t accept any supplements and have been open so they won’t give your money back or an exchange. I don’t have the bottles now because I threw them away.I did not use it long enough so I don’t know if it works but I really didn’t need to lose weight I just wanted to see if it would workI used it for a few days and it didn’t seem to make me feel full at all l so I would say it’s pretty much garbage.a true way to lose weight to stay away from your processed sugars fast foodand eat a gluten free diet and workout. And you will lose weight

  3. From eugene bowski

    taken about 6-8 bottles of Lipozene. Little if any effect.does seem to be mild laxative