Lipo Trim from Biolean®

Not all weight loss supplements are fat burners, appetite suppressants, or a combination of both. There exists weight loss aids known as carbohydrate blockers or starch blockers.

What Is Biolean® Lipo Trim™?

Lipo Trim is a component supplement of the Biolean weight management system. The system comprises a number of supplements which fight fat together in different ways. Lipo Trim functions as the carb blocker in the BioLean program. Its role is to inhibit or delay the absorption of carbohydrates by keeping a tight rein on the enzymes that break down starches.

I Wonder What’s In A Pill…

Lipo Trim has two major natural ingredients:
  • Chromium polynicotinate — regulates blood sugar levels and therefore controls insulin for the efficient burning of fats, carbohydrates and protein. This action prevents binge eating by promoting appetite suppression. This way, you won’t take in as much carbs as you used to. Also, it must be noted that chromium polynicotinate has not significantly proven itself in clinical trials.
  • Garcinia Cambogia — an herb that prevents lipogenesis or the process by which the body converts excess carbohydrates or starches into stored fat. This plant also increases thermogenic activity to burn calories.
It seems as though both ingredients come in dosages high enough to make a difference. There aren’t other important ingredients stuffed in; so just two of these two major components pack more milligrams in a tiny capsule than you would otherwise get in other supplements.

How Does Lipo Trim from Biolean® Demolish Excess Weight?

Lipo Trim was formulated to work synergistically with other supplements in the Biolean system. Alone, it could still be effective as long as the user keeps in mind that a strict and diet and exercise routine are completely necessary to achieve a goal weight. A carb blocker does not give the dieter the license to load up on carbs. It can only do so much, which isn’t plenty. A carb blocker works by inhibiting alpha amylase, a digestive enzyme from allowing the body to break down carbs and thereby absorbing them. There have been a lot of feedback lately, however, that carb blockers in general do not work. Most are soybean or wheat germ based though; so, perhaps the chromium and garcinia extracts may prove to be a better combination.

The Bottom Line

Lipo Trim shows a lot of potential with some good numbers on positive customer comments. Furthermore, it has been listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference® (PDR®) for Non-prescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements, a supplement guide for doctors. All bodes well for this weight loss aid; yet, we aren’t sure whether it works well by itself, divorced from the Biolean program. If this interests you, then by all means give it a try. Just make sure to have your doctor’s okay. If Lipo Trim comes out to be a dud, you can always try a surer option: Phentramin-D, a non-prescription fat burner. You can read more about the sepcifics on how Phentramin-D works.

Weight Watcher’s Rating: 3.5 / 5

Carb blockers don’t have much of a track record yet; but this supplement seems to hold some promise.

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