While many weight loss supplements go the way of overdramatic hype to sell quickly, and while a handful take the road of caution to present an image of credibility, Lipofuze takes the middle road of both hype and sensibility to snag an ever increasingly jaded market with brief attention spans.

What is Lipofuze?

Lipofuze takes the diet bull by the horns by combining powerful fat burners in one capsule. The supplement boasts “Clinically Tested Fat Burning Ingredients,” the bulk of which are independent patented formulas in themselves. Lipofuze works by increasing metabolism and formation of lean muscle tissue. The Lipofuze website correctly reiterates that as a supplement, it cannot work optimally if it is not used in conjunction with the right diet and exercise. It actually puts the supplement in its place by saying that as a weight loss pill, it is simply an aid to hasten weight loss or get over that plateau, not a miracle pill. Although this is all honestly and conservatively said, the official site suddenly flip-flops from fact to fiction with misleading enticements. A bikini-clad model is featured to owe her curves and toned limbs to the supplement’s ingredients. An arrow pointing to her flat abs says, “2 ingredients that firm up your abs,” and another one that says, “3 ingredients that slim your waistline.” After a creditable explanation on how Lipofuze works, this visual turn-around can mislead uninformed consumers into thinking that certain ingredients in the pill can actually get you toned arms and hot abs. It’s the strategy of spewing a lot of fact before throwing in a little hyped up fiction to reel them in.

What’s In A Pill?

The entire formula is 775 mg. of a proprietary blend so no quantities are indicated. These are some of the active ingredients in a capsule of Lipofuze:
  • Green Tea – A scientifically proven metabolic picker-upper
  • ThermoDiamine™ – a patented derivative of eviodamine, a fruit that increases thermogenic action and reduces the storage of fat
  • Razberi-K™ – a patented form of raspberry ketones which helps oxide fat
  • FucoPure™ – a patented seaweed extract containing fucoxanthin, a substance that raised metabolism in lab rats
  • Forslean® – supports lean muscle mass production
  • Bioperine® – helps the body effectively absorb all the nutrients in a pill
  • Synephrine – boosts energy and burns fat; the common substitute of ephedrine
  • Guggul EZ 100™ – a patented form of guggulsterones which increases thyroid T3 hormone levels to rev up metabolic activity
  • Capsaicin – the “heat” in chilli peppers that can increase thermogenic action
Ginger, phenylethylamine, DHEA, cinnamon and 20-Hydroxyecdysterone form the rest of the ingredient stack but perhaps play a minor role. The list seems like an impressive ton of ingredients; but there is such a thing as too many may spoil the broth. Although these ingredients have proven some effectivity in animal tests, none of them, except for green tea, have actually been largely clinically proven with human subjects.

The Bottom Line

Lipofuze may or may not work for you. The ingredients look good but we doubt if it is in quantities similar to its tested amounts. As its website correctly claims, the supplement must be viewed only as a weight loss aid and not something to take the place of proper nutrition and exercise. It must also be noted that there are erroneous factoids in the site. The official website is a mix of facts and fallacies made to make an effective come-on to consumers who don’t know a lot about how the body responds to weight loss. Should you try Lipofuze? Well, you can take the risk. It could work as long as you change your lifestyle habits for the better. Just don’t believe for a minute you can get toned muscles from a bottle.

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