If you’re tired of diet pills containing ingredients with adverse effects, perhaps you can turn to one that is free of these. LipoBasics stands out as a natural, stimulant-free alternative in an otherwise stimulant saturated market.

What LipoBasics Is:

LipoBasics differentiates itself from the crowd by marketing itself as an all-in-one fat burner and appetite suppressant with stimulant-free, all natural-ingredients. Its claim to fame is its safety and effectivity despite the absence of seemingly necessary ingredients to stimulate the central nervous system such as caffeine. The story of LipoBasics began when the creator’s friend suffered terrible side effects from unknowingly taking an ephedra-based supplement before FDA’s ephedra ban in 2004. The creator (name always withheld) noticed that diet pills often incorporated stimulants and fillers which contributed side effects. His quest to formulate a weight loss pill that only contained natural ingredients, free of caffeine and other stimulants led to the ultimate creation of LipoBasics. The official site claims you can lose weight without diet and exercise although it acknowledges that the weight loss process would move at a faster rate if you incorporate these.

How LipoBasics Busts Excess Weight:

LipoBasics has fat burning and appetite suppressive ingredients in very high amounts, almost equal to or close to clinical study amounts. This is actually very rare in diet supplements which usually tout ingredients in amounts far below those used in successful scientific studies. The manufacturer claims there are no side effects to LipoBasics. We don’t think, however, that any diet supplement is completely adverse-free. Those who are allergic to some ingredients could very well stay away from this product. No matter the claim, it is always wise to seek your doctor’s okay.

What’s In A Pill?

The four ingredients in LipoBasics are divided into two actions: fat burning and appetite suppression. Notice that milligram amounts are unusually generous.

The fat burner action includes these ingredients:

  • Sesame Seed Oil (1000 mg.) – contains a vital weight loss ingredient, sesamin, which increases amino acid production. This directs fat burning toward stored fats instead of muscle during the dieting period.
  • Clarinol A-80 or CLA (900 mg.) – increasingly becoming popular as a fat burning ingredient because it doesn’t have the side effects of palpitations and nervousness associated with traditional stimulants. Studies have shown that CLA targets stored fats and works even when subjects are asleep.
  • Rich Seaweed (50 mg.) — contains fucoxanthin which works on hard-to-burn fats mostly found in the abdominal area and those surrounding some organs.

The appetite suppressant action includes this ingredient:

  • Korean Pine Nut Oil (1000 mg.) – contains pinolenic acid and CCK (cholecystokenin) which act as powerful appetite suppressors.

The Bottom Line:

All natural and stimulant-free? What is not to like in LipoBasics? None, except there is just one bothersome issue. The official site says nothing about the manufacturer nor provides contact numbers or physical addresses aside from an email address. If this product is indeed above board, the company should be proud to be associated with it. So far we have not encountered really bad feedback nor FDA actions on the product; but, this does not guarantee that it is what it purports to be. Should you try it? Sure, if you care to risk your U$ 60.00 on a bottle. LipoBasics sounds really good and we aren’t absolutely sure that it won’t be good for you. Just don’t throw a tantrum if the company does not back their refund guarantee.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 3 / 5

LipoBasics seems like a cut above the rest, but company anonymity just doesn’t sit too well with us.

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