Ephedra-based weight loss supplements had been extremely successful until the FDA ban in 2004. In the post-ephedra era, surviving diet pills were reformulated with substitute ingredients, which, although not on par with the fat burning quality of ephedrine, still approximate its potency. One such redevelopment is Lipo-6.

The New Lipo-6:

Lipo-6 had been a significant favorite in the body building community, way back in its ephedrine days. Now ephedra-free, Lipo-6’s structure isn’t very different from its previous version. The only difference is the inclusion of synephrine, the ingredient substitute for ephedra.

Lipo-6 is a six-ingredient liquid capsule supplement that mostly relies on stimulants to give that energy boost and thermogenic action, in turn ignited by cardiovascular and weight resistance training. This formulation is geared for the bodybuilding market; although, overweight individuals who exert enough constant effort in exercise will benefit significantly as well.

Lipo-6 has received The Fat Loss Product of the Year award from the Supplement Awards for four consecutive years, from 2005 to 2008. Numerous positive customer feedback has built its reputation as one of the best fat burners in the market today.

What’s In A Pill:

Lipo-6 is a fat burner that relies on the six ingredients:

  • SynephrineA clear substitute for ephedrine, this fat burning ingredient has the same side effects as ephedrine namely, palpitations, elevated blood pressures, insomnia and the like, but perhaps to a lesser degree. Still, synephrine bears watching.
  • Caffeine – A clinically proven ingredient that enhances thermogenesis.
  • Guggilsterones – An extract of a resin tree in India which aids in thyroid production and therefore metabolism
  • Coleus Forskohlii – An Indian plant that produces forskolin, a substance scientifically proven to increase lean muscle mass, bone mass and testosterone levels.
  • Bioperine – A patented extract from black pepper and long pepper berries. This doesn’t directly assist in weight loss but it increases the ability of the body to absorb nutrients and ingredients from a supplement.
  • Yohimbine – A derivative of yohimbe, a controversial herb that causes lowering of blood pressure. Yohimbine itself is a prescription drug which has well known side effects such as anxiety attacks. This ingredient is present in a lot of bodybuilding supplements. Yohimbine should be avoided by people who have low blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac, liver or kidney disorders because the consequences could be serious, even fatal.

What Lipo-6 Can Do:

No matter how multi-awarded it is, Lipo-6 is by no means a miracle pill. It burns fat only as much as the effort you put into getting rid of it. Therefore, a good diet and more-than-average exercise are essential to begin Lipo-6’s thermogenic action.

Lipo-6 is formulated to build lean muscle mass and definition. It isn’t really marketed for the average dieter. Its target is the weight resistance trainer who wants to get leaner. Because it is strong, this supplement should be taken for only a maximum of eight weeks. In addition, the synephrine content forbids dieters from taking any other food or drink with caffeine content because of bad side effects that can ensue.

The Bottom Line:

Lipo-6 can be very useful as long as you make the proper changes to your lifestyle, particularly in the areas of diet and exercise. Individuals who have been incorporating weight resistance and cardiovascular training into their everyday routine would benefit largely from this; although regular dieters could simply up the ante in their exercises to get the most from this fat burner.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions and refer your decision to take Lipo-6 to your physician. Take heed, the ingredients yohimbine and synephrine are not those to trifle with, but correct usage will certainly give you optimum results.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 5 / 5

An effective ingredient list and loads of positive feedback all point to a winner.

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