What better way to broaden one’s market base than to have a supplement that does it all? Leptovox packs the promise of youth, energy, health and weight loss all in one itsy bitsy capsule.

There Must Be A Story Behind Leptovox…

The story behind the creation of Leptovox began when someone (name withheld) was inspired to concoct a supplement based on the 10 superfoods which skin-care specialist Dr. Perricone had discussed in an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show, “How to Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Days.” According to the official site, the creator tried eating all 10 superfoods in 10 days and was ecstatic to discover positive differences in her skin and a weight loss of 10 pounds in 10 days. She then proceeded to continue with her 10 superfoods diet but ran into problems of cost (acai berry and kefir being costly and difficult to procure) and palate boredom. The answer was to scour for these superfoods’ extracts to use in a diet pill’s formulation; hence, we now have Leptovox. The entire story sounds very much like that of DecaSlim, a weight loss pill based on TIME Magazine’s article on its own list of 10 superfoods. Strange, isn’t it? Leptovox also sounds mighty close to another weight loss supplement, Lipovox. There isn’t much difference either in the make-up of both supplements, except for an ingredient or two. Both are diet pills formulated on the premise of the Perricone promise. This brings us to conclude that Leptovox and Lipovox are supplements created by one and the same company.

What is Leptovox?

Leptovox is a dietary supplement that contains extracts from ten foods dubbed “superfoods” by the famous anti-aging specialist, Dr. Perricone. It claims to help the dieter shed “40 pounds in 30 days,” with its powerhouse of antioxidants.

Who Is the Original Manufacturer/Creator of Leptovox?

The official site is mum on who the great mind behind Leptovox is or even on the identity of the manufacturer or distributing company. There is no contact information whatsoever. This alone immediately calls for the red flag to be raised. Why a manufacturer has to hide does not bode well for the integrity of the supplement. Leptovox is exclusively marketed through its official website and through its EBay account. While exclusive internet marketing isn’t really a bad thing, it does afford an effective screen for unscrupulous sellers under which to hide effectively and be ready for flight in case their supplement does incur enough complaints to warrant an FTC or FDA investigation. Although the Leptovox official site is replete with customer testimonials that look genuinely taken from their EBay site, this proves absolutely nothing. It is very easy to hack sites and manufacturer customer feedback.

What’s In A Pill?

Leptovox has 300 mg. of green tea, 25 mg. of idebenone, and 350 mg. of its proprietary blend of superfoods. Green tea, as we know, has caffeine so this is the weight loss stimulant part of the pill. Idebenone is considered an antioxidant and is used in skin care products as a skin rejuvenator, although there is no clinical evidence to attest to this property. The proprietary blend is a mix of the ten superfoods:
  • Barley juice powder
  • Acai
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Buckwheat powder
  • Flaxseed powder
  • Alfalfa sprout extract
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus — good bacteria in kefir and yoghurt that bolsters the immune system
  • Soybean extract
  • Garlic
  • Wheatgrass extract

The Bottom Line

It’s hard not to like Leptovox. Not only does it promise weight loss but it also gives you a lot of extra health benefits as well. The question, however, is: would you trust an anonymous manufacturer? In which case, would you believe that whatever is listed in the ingredient list is indeed in the pill? Moreover, “40 pounds in 30 days” sounds so exaggerated and must be treated with a lot of scepticism. The only real weight loss ingredient is the caffeine in the green tea. Other than that, Leptovox seems more like a vitamin and antioxidant supplement rather than a weight loss pill.

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One star for giving Leptovox the benefit of the doubt; four stars out for being highly dubious.

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