Preceding the Hoodia craze well back in the nineties was the ephedrine craze most represented by the fat burning supplement, Hydroxycut. Since ephedrine was banned by the FDA from the U.S. market in 2004, Hydroxycut had chosen to reformulate rather than disappear from the market. Hydroxycut is not the supplement of yore but is now sold with new ingredients and in new varieties.

The Hydroxycut History:

Back in the nineties, Hydroxycut led the market of ephedra-based supplements. Ephedra was the most promising ingredient in the fat burning arsenal then. Along with the weight loss potency, however, came the side effects of memory loss, palpitations, insomnia, and strokes, to name a few. Finally, when some deaths were linked to ephedrine, the FDA had to intervene. In 2004, Hydroxycut and all ephedra-based products were ordered off the shelves, pronto. Hydroxycut had its loyal market, however, with its huge advertising expenses paying off in brand recall. To capitalize on this, Iovate Health Sciences Inc., the company behind the supplement decided to change and market its formula sans the ingredient, ephedrine. The reformulated ephedrine-free Hydroxycut still became a bestseller, but its success was short-lived. In 2009, the FDA issued a consumer warning against Hydroxycut because of mounting complaints by consumers alleging the supplement caused liver damages. The manufacturing company voluntarily recalled all its products from stores. Once more, Hydroxycut overhauled its formula and is back in shelves. This time, it returned in different varieties: Pro Clinical Hydroxycut, Hydroxycut Advanced, Hydroxycut Hardcore X, and much more. How it will fare, only time and the market can tell.

What’s In The New Hydroxycut?

The key ingredients in one capsule of Hydroxycut are:
  • Garcinia Cambogia — contains HCA or hydroxycitric acid which forms 60% of the product. In one study, HCA was seen to suppress the formation of adipose tissue in rats; however, it has not proven itself as a weight loss contributor in human clinical trials. It is believed that the fruit helps reduce the body’s tendency to convert carbohydrates into fat.
  • Green Tea — has proven its metabolic and energy enhancing values in weight loss although supplement takers must be aware of the caffeine content which may cause side effects
  • Gymnema sylvestre – an herb with appetite suppressive qualities and the potential to regulate blood sugar levels.
A number of weight loss supplements also have these for key ingredients. Hydroxycut doesn’t seem to stand out as particularly more potent than its competition.

The Bottom Line:

Hydroxycut may give you an edge; but, as with all healthy weight loss programs, diet and exercise still have to take center stage if you want to reach your goal weight. Without the ephedrine, Hydroxycut isn’t as powerful a fat burner as it once was. We still think it is effective albeit only as much as other good thermogenic pills in the market. Having been declared unsafe twice in a row, is this supplement safe now? It’s as safe as other diet pills with the same ingredients. Hydroxycut contains stimulants like caffeine; so side effects will always be a part of it. Unless you are particularly sensitive to caffeine or just plain sensitive to things you ingest, you can give Hydroxycut a try. Just don’t expect a miracle pill; that hype is gone. In case Hydroxycut disappoints, try Phentramin-D. Phentramin-D has garnered its own good reviews as a weight loss supplement with ingredients not common to other diet supplements in the market.

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