Hydroxycut 24

Hydroxycut is a brand name of a whole line of weight loss supplements. It is one of the most recognized weight loss aids in the market today, its popularity having been cemented at the peak of the ephedra craze days.

What is Hydroxycut 24?

Hydroxycut 24 is one in a slew of diet pills in the Hydroxycut line, manufactured by Iovate Health Sciences. The idea of Hydroxycut 24 is to provide weight loss coverage for the entire 24-hour period. It is uniquely marketed as a formula of two types: the A.M. formula and the P.M. formula. The morning pill is should be taken at the time its name says because it suppresses appetite and energizes the body while helping to burn calories at a faster rate. This promise is presumed to be in keeping with a dieter’s eating and exercise program. The night pill is a decaffeinated version which purportedly does not disturb the dieter’s sleep, but is still potent enough to work on his excess poundage.

What’s In A Pill

The A.M. Pill is the energizer, with at least 414 mg. of caffeine from their proprietary Hydroxy Tea blend of green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, white tea extract and oolong tea extract. Other ingredients include:
  • Calcium – 156 mg.
  • Chromium (133 mcg.) – Chromium helps process fats and carbohydrates and balance blood sugar levels.
  • Potassium – 218Mg.
  • Hydroxagen Plus – 1.32 g.
This is a proprietary blend of five herbal extracts, acting as a carb and cravings blocker: garcinia cambogia, gymnema sylvestre, soy phospholipids, rhodiola rosea and withania somnifera. The P.M. pill continues the appetite suppressing and carb blocking functions but without the stimulating effect of caffeine. The ingredient stack mirrors the A.M. formula except that the proprietary Hydroxy Tea blend is now a mix of caffeine-free green, white and oolong tea extracts. These are all the active ingredients but Hydroxycut 24 is filled with other non-active ingredients such as fillers and stabilizers such as magnesium stearate, silica and acesulfame potassium.


For the first three days, the recommended daily dose is one “A.M.” capsule 30 minutes to an hour before breakfast, and two “P.M.” caplets again an hour before a meal, but not over 5 hours before bedtime. For a decaffeinated pill, it seems Hydroxycut 24 can still disturb sleep, or else why does the evening pill have to be taken at least 5 hours before sleeping time?

The Hydroxycut History

Despite its strong brand name recall in the market which has contributed to superior sales over the years, Hydroxycut has been plagued by FDA warnings and recalls. A plethora of reports have reached the FDA about serious side effects such as jaundice, rhabdomyolysis (breakdown of damaged muscle tissue which can lead to kidney failure), seizures, severe fatigue, liver damage and dangerous elevations of high blood pressure. In March 2007, a fatal case of a 19-year old boy was linked to Hydroxycut. Because at least 20 cases of liver damage and one death has been dubbed Hydroxycut’s fault, the FDA issued a warning to the public in 2009 about the use of Hydroxycut. In response, the manufacturer voluntarily pulled out many products from their line. One of these is Hydroxycut 24. Currently, Hydroxycut 24 is a discontinued product. Other than the warning, the FDA has not fully clamped down on Iovate Health Sciences or on its marketing arm, MuscleTech. Hydroxycut is still under FDA investigation as to its incontrovertible link to these reported cases.

The Bottom Line

Since it is a discontinued product, Hydroxycut 24 remains a crossed-out item in a list of dietary supplement options. Hydroxycut has worked well for some, badly for others. Until it comes up as a viable pill again, FDA-approved and all, avoid forking out your hard-earned cash on sites still selling this discontinued product. After all, the FDA does have a reason.

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