What FentraPhen Is:

FentraPhen is advertised as a “#1 Hardcore Fat Burner.” At the same time, it is classified as an appetite suppressant. A non-prescription pill, Fentraphen is made up of just four ingredients, all promising you weight loss by as much as 12 pounds in 3 weeks. One look at the Supplement Facts on the bottle, however, will not tell you why FentraPhen is so very different from other diet supplements with more or less the same contents.

What’s In A Pill:

The pride of FentraPhen is its 37.5 mg. proprietary blend of: • Synephrine HCL Synephrine is an extract from bitter orange which is widely popular as a substitute to the banned ephedra. Synephrine is claimed to be a good fat burner and thermogenic ingredient, although there is hardly any scientific evidence to back this up. Contrary to belief, though, it does have cardiovascular side effects of the same level that ephedra does. • Phenylethylamine This “feel good” natural chemical is only as good as the MAO inhibitors that go along with it. Because phenylethylamine breaks down quickly, enzyme inhibitors are needed for it to get into the bloodstream in satisfactory amounts in order to give you that sense of well being. The fact is there are no such inhibitors in the ingredient list; so this ingredient is actually a waste. Aside from the proprietary blend, FentraPhen includes chromium picolinate, a good ingredient for metabolic enhancement. It doesn’t hurt to have Vitamin B12 in the mix either. Vitamin B12 is supposed to enhance energy and boost metabolism, too; however, there is not much evidence that this vitamin can promote these weight loss functions.

What’s More:

FentraPhen generously offers a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. You are actually given two months to test the supplement. This is adequate time to get the measure of the product and speaks rather highly of the seller’s product confidence. We hope, however, that the company does not take to making refunds an arduous process for an unsatisfied customer. There’s just one niggling thing. Various searches have not yielded the manufacturer’s identity. Why so elusive? This raises a red flag that isn’t easy to ignore. As a customer, it is vital that you know your supplement maker’s reputation and background. As we say, when the manufacturer is in question, its supplement is too.

The Bottom Line:

The Synephrine in the list doesn’t actually spell “safe” to individuals with cardiovascular issues; although we don’t exactly doubt its effectivity as a thermogenic either. It may be a good ingredient as long as you play it safe by having doctor’s approval. Just don’t expect the phenylethylamine to do its part and enhance your mood while on a diet. Contrary to its claim of being the numero uno hardcore fat burner, we’d say it is about as hardcore as any average working fat burner. So much for the hardcore part. Ditto for the numero uno part as well. It’s probably not bad though so you could consider this supplement. Just remember the caveat: We don’t know who makes it.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 2 / 5

It looks like a good one, but the invisible manufacturer makes us uneasy.

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