Ephedra was a strikingly effective ingredient for weight loss but the dangerous side effects and a number of ephedra-linked deaths forced the U.S. FDA to ban the use of the ingredient in 2006. Studies have proven ephedra to be a good stimulant and thermogenic, both qualities highly useful for short-term weight management. Because of its illegal status, weight supplement manufacturers have resorted to substituting ephedra with ingredients that supposedly mimic its properties. Despite the recognized danger of ephedra, there is still a strong market for it. The makers of Fedramine have capitalized on just this demand by describing their ingredients as having ephedra-like qualities as the selling point for their supplement.

What is Fedramine?

Fedramine is classed in its official website as an appetite suppressant; but the list of its ingredients belies a more thermogenic concoction. This supplement is of the non-prescription type although its advertisers are keen to position it as an alternative to prescription weight loss drugs such as Phentermine, Didrex and Bontril.

What’s In A Pill?

The official site lists Fedramine’s all natural ingredients but fails to give correct information about one important ingredient, bitter orange. In addition, the ingredient descriptions don’t justify their inclusion from the weight loss standpoint; so we’ve done some of their homework for you. Fedramine’s all natural formulation has: • Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange) The official website stresses its likeness to ephedra’s thermogenic effectiveness, yet without the side effects natural to it. This information, in itself, is wrong because although bitter orange mimics ephedra’s stimulating effects, it is also mimics ephedra’s side effects namely palpitations, heart failures, strokes and even death. Presently, bitter orange is under watch. • Metabromine® is a trademarked stimulant derived from the cacao tree. It is a blend of theobromine and caffeine which gives you energy and raised metabolic rates without the jitters usually associated with caffeine and ephedra. • Green Tea is the ubiquitous ingredient in a large percentage of diet pills. This caffeine-rich ingredient has proven its thermogenic effectiveness in clinical trials. • Chromium (as Chloride) regulates blood sugar levels to enhance metabolic rate and insulin sensitivity • White Willow Bark is thought to prolong thermogenic action of ingredients although there isn’t any scientific evidence to back this supposed action. • Guarana is another stimulant with caffeine content of twice that of coffee beans. Other ingredients are Vitamin B12, manganese, licorice root extract, and kola nut extract. Note that that the official site does not give any information on the precise amount of each ingredient. The ingredients all point to Fedramine as a thermogenic supplement with the secondary benefits of appetite suppression.

The Makers of Fedramine:

A supplement evaluation must include an assessment of its manufacturer. Internet Marketing Solutions Group, LLC (IMSG) in Atlanta Georgia is the listed official distributor of Fedramine. The company is filed under the Better Business Bureau (BBB)’s site as a corporation which began in September 2004 and is staffed by only two employees. There isn’t much information one can glean about this company. The vagueness just doesn’t sit well with us. The Fedramine official website is equally a disappointment. Its plainness, sloppiness and uninformative style smacks of hurriedness and unprofessionalism. Basic details such as ingredient quantities, FAQs on how the product works, and the like are glaringly absent. The site does not even have its own domain name; rather, it is hosted by an intermediary site that offers website layouts for very small businesses which need to represent themselves online under the intermediary’s domain name. The whole set-up simply gives the impression of an online business that can just disappear anytime. Fedramine loses ample TRUST points with their dubious marketing system.

The Bottom Line:

Although we have encountered no bad feedback or complaints about Fedramine, we haven’t encountered genuine positive consumer comments either. Positive reviews are all from affiliated sites with vested interests in Fedramine. The rather sparse company profile detailing a two-employee staff should tell you that you will be dealing with an itsy-bitsy distributor without the backing perhaps to handle customer complaints or customer refunds. Why place your health in the hands of an invisible manufacturer that refuses to be identified with their product? An uninspiring website with seemingly hurried, lazy writing hardly engenders any trust as well. Aren’t these enough red flags to keep you away from Fedramine for the meantime? We recommend WAITING for the product to acquire a good track record before you make your order. If you can’t wait, you must look elsewhere. If you were attracted to Fedramine because of its supposed parallel effectiveness to prescription drugs, look no further than Phentramin-D. This non-prescription weight loss supplement is closer to the prescription-only Phentermine but is much safer and equally as effective.

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Fedramine is in evaluation limbo. Vagueness just doesn’t merit it any points.

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