Extreme Acai Berry

The acai berry was extremely in vogue when it was discovered to have great potential for weight loss. Unfortunately, loads of hype breed “fly-by-night companies” who simply want to cash in on the excitement for the short term. Companies like these give otherwise good weight loss ingredients and supplements a bad name.

What Can Acai Berry Do?

The acai berry is a fruit of the acai palm tree endemic to the Amazon rainforest. This berry is fantastically rich in antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids, some of which favor appetite suppression, metabolic enhancement, and muscle toning.

What is Extreme Acai Berry?

Extreme Acai Berry is one such bogus supplement that claims to have one hundred percent pure acai berry extract. In addition to its pretensions of being a superb antioxidant supplement, Extreme Acai Berry positions itself as one of the best weight loss supplements you can ever have because of its pure acai content.

Why Extreme Acai Berry Is A Scam:

Search the web and you will not find its official website anywhere, although there seem to be a handful of sites selling the product with their own positive reviews. There is no information about the company or the manufacturer who sells it; but, there are websites that sell this supplement along with others. The sellers of Extreme Acai Berry follow the same crooked tactics of those offering Acai Berry 500. Who knows, they may even be one and the same company. Marketing tactics consist of firing up customer interest and then luring them into a free trial program for a set number of days with the option to cancel within the period. Cancellation, however, is made very difficult with unanswered calls, long holds, and the like. Once the customer is lured into the free trial period, his credit card number is involuntarily enrolled in an automatic shipping program for which he is automatically billed every month. If this isn’t a scam, we don’t know what is. In case you have signed up for the product, make sure you are getting acai berry extract. If the company behind Extreme Acai Berry have no qualms about deplorable selling tactics like this, they certainly don’t think much about filling the product’s capsules with goodness-knows-what ingredient and charging a hefty price for it.

The Bottom Line:

Although the acai berry truly does possess high nutritious qualities, it has earned a bad reputation as a fake ingredient because of unscrupulous companies and products like Extreme Acai Berry and Acai Berry 500. Take the time to search and check other supplements with true acai berry content and reputable manufacturers to back them. They are out there, but it just needs diligence to find them.

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