What Is Didrex?

Generically known as benzphetamine, Didrex is a class of sympathomimetic amine drug with a close pharmacological relation to amphetamine. It is an anorexigenic, otherwise also known as a calorie restrictor, used as a short-term treatment for exogenous obesity. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has classified benzphetamine as a Schedule III drug under its Controlled Substances classification. This categorization extends to substances used as medical treatments, the abuse however of which “may lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence.”

How Didrex Busts Excess Weight

Just as amphetamines work on the central nervous system, so does Didrex work on those nerve centers to release the “fight or flight” response hormones which, along with preparing one to deal with stressful situations, suppress hunger and cravings. With appetite suppression in the works, one begins to consume fewer calories and lose weight in the process. Didrex, however, cannot be used as a stand-alone obesity treatment. It must accompany a carefully planned diet and exercise routine to be optimally effective. The drug has a limited legal prescription term of only three months, during which the individual should have incorporated new ways of eating and more movement into his new lifestyle.

What’s To Like About Didrex

If you wonder whether this drug works, our answer is yes, it does. You will see significant results as long as you use the drug strictly according to prescription and follow a stringent diet and exercise plan. As a drug, Didrex is manufactured under strict FDA-approved pharmaceutical standards.

What’s Not To Like About Didrex

As a controlled substance, Didrex requires a valid prescription. It is dangerous to simply take Didrex on a whim as this drug has a plethora of contraindications, some of which can prove fatal. Although it is available online, purchasing it without a prescription is illegal and can land you in jail for “illegal possession.” In addition, Didrex’s anorectic effects are short-lived and wane in potency as the body adapts to it. As such, takers may be tempted to increase the dosage on their own in an attempt to recapture the same weight loss potency felt in the first few weeks. Increasing the dose may lead to dangerous overdosing. It can also be habit-forming as it is similar in composition to amphetamine.

The Bottom Line

Unless your doctor absolutely feels you need Didrex, it is always best to lose weight the old-fashioned way: through diet and exercise. If you feel you need a good push in that direction though, it may do you well to skip taking side effect-laden weight loss drugs and look toward safer supplements. Although weight management supplements are thought to have generally weaker impact compared to pharmaceutical drugs, there are a few supplements that do pack the same weight loss power. Phentramin-D diet pills are a great weight loss aid alternative to Didrex. Not only is it a powerful appetite suppressant, it has these advantages for you to consider:
  • Non-prescription
  • Not a drug but a safer supplement
  • Legally available online
  • Boosts energy to help you deal with the stress of dieting
  • Depending on your body chemistry, has generally minimal to no side effects
We suggest you consult your physician about Phentramin-D before opting to take a prescription drug. Save yourself the risk of dealing with drug-related side effects, of which Didrex has many.

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  1. From Lanise Holder

    I want to loss weight for a wedding

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    I weigh 202 lb.my height is 5″1 ive tried everyting ….i need help

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    Got to lose about 30 pound before summer wedding. I’ve taken it a few years ago. I was really satisfied.