European branded weight loss supplements have been catching the interest of regular dieters and celebrities alike. Trumpeted as “Sweden’s favorite weight loss pill,” CUUR was one of the most bally-hooed supplements to hit the U.S. market with no less than a 30-pound less Tom Arnold vouching for its admirable potency.

The Scoop on Cuur:

The whole excitement stems from the fact that: • The formulator of CUUR is a world renowned scientist, Doctor Marcon Krotkiewski. A quick search on the net will lead you to discover a Swedish obesity expert and researcher who has studied corpulency and its related issues for forty years. Dr. Krotkiewski has written numerous papers on his field as well as co-authored several peer-reviewed journals. • CUUR is manufactured by Scandinavian Clinical Nutrition (SCN), a Swedish nutraceutical manufacturer whose products are all researched by the Karolinska Institutet, the authorized body with the responsibility of awarding the annual Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

The Swedish Secret:

CUUR is formulated to energize metabolism through thermogenesis. When the core temperature of the body is raised, fat cells are burned for energy and metabolic processes progress at a much faster rate, leading you to expend more calories. CUUR has a three-part plan: • Itself as a thermogenic weight loss pill • Diet plan designed by CUUR manufacturers • Exercise regimen developed by celebrity trainer Valerie Watson Why the three-part plan is dubbed “The Swedish Secret,” we don’t really know. Look closely at these meal plans and exercise routines and you will see that nothing special stands out. Meals follow common-sense portion rationing and caloric restriction methods while the exercise plans are rather standard and will allow anyone to lose weight as long as they put in the necessary efforts. In other words, both the diet and exercise regimens will make you lose weight in no time, even without the intake of CUUR. Perhaps, CUUR is there to help push you closer to your weight loss goals faster. It may be useful as a plateau breaker in the event your body takes to adapting to the set diet and exercise routines.

What’s In A Pill:

Each pill encapsulates one hundred percent natural botanical extracts of: • Green tea • Yerba mate • Coleus forskohlii • Common Birch There are no stipulated ingredient quantities, however, so no one can say how much of each component goes into a capsule. Only green tea has such information. Each three-capsule serving, equivalent to a daily dose, contains a good amount of green tea derivatives, EGCG and caffeine. Scientific tests have proven green tea to be of real merit to weight loss. Yerba mate also has caffeine. In some studies, the herb showed promise in lessening tendencies toward obesity. The Indian coleus plant produces forskolin, a substance aiding weight loss and the formation of lean muscle mass, bone density, and testosterone. The vernal sap of the common birch is a diuretic and is perhaps included in the mix to rid your body of weight-adding excess water.

The Bottom Line:

CUUR seems to have everything going for it: a world famous obesity expert as a formulator, a Nobel prize awarding institution to back its formulation, and clinically proven ingredients. So what’s not to like? The vagueness surrounding the ingredient quantities doesn’t sit too well, as well as the fact that with green tea and yerba mate, there is enough caffeine to go around to actually cause side effects such as restlessness, dizziness, insomnia, rapid heartbeat and irritability. But, does it work? Guess it does but just how much, we can’t tell because the diet and exercise plans that go along with it may actually be enough for many people to lose weight without the help of the supplement. Order CUUR online if you must, but just be aware of their autoship program. It may be better for you though to sample a bottle purchased from a regular retailer.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 3 / 5

Some swear by it; some don’t. It’s pretty hard to tell whether it’s the pills or just sticking to good old-fashioned diet and exercise that’s doing the trick.

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