A relatively new diet pill that claims an endorsement from no less than Oprah and her “O” magazine is Crevax, a Swiss-made supplement with seven natural ingredients. Let us give it our once over before you think of considering it, just because “la grande dame” seemed to like it.

Why Crevax Says It Is A Cut Above The Rest:

Nathans Natural, LLC. boasts that Crevax is more than your average weight loss pill. Its all-natural seven-ingredient formulation promises you more than just some pound loss. Here’s their deal: • Weight Loss Expect to lose a maximum of 7 pounds a week or 37 pounds a month with this cravings manager, fat burner and fat blocker all rolled into one. • Depression Lifter Taking Crevax can raise your mood. • Skin Tone Improver Crevax will rejuvenate your skin. • Binge-Eating Stopper Crevax will stop cravings and overeating.

What’s In A Pill?

All these promises seem to be a pretty tall order for a weight loss supplement. Let us examine their ingredient list: • Hoodia gordonii — no quantities are given to say how much hoodia one pill contains. Hoodia is touted to suppress appetite but it must be of a certain amount for it to work. • Green Tea — has caffeine, proven to be an indispensable weight loss ingredient in many diet supplements • Red Sage / Dan Shen — used in Chinese medicine for treatment of cardiovascular problems. There are no references, however, to dan shen as a major benefit for weight management, skin problems or mood enhancement. It is actually puzzling why this ingredient is even in the mix. • Wolfberry (Lycium) — also known as goji berry. These berries are packed with nutrients so its inclusion is good. However, as the quantities are undisclosed, one can never know if there is enough to make a difference. • Jiaogulan (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum) — also known as Southern Ginseng. It lowers bad cholesterol, improves the metabolism of fat and reduces fat levels and sediments in the blood. • Peony Root – a study showed this root’s anti-depressant qualities on rats; however, there are no clinical evidences of the effect this has on humans. • Taurine – a promising amino acid that has tested positively in high dosages on rats and mice by reducing anxiety or improving mood and behavior. Again, no tests have been duplicated with humans. The ingredient list yields only one fat burner but no fat blocker in the list. Green tea has the caffeine stimulant that will help with thermogenic weight loss but this does not block fat. Hoodia seems to be the only appetite suppressant and as such, it should be in large dosages. Hoodia, being an endangered species, is a very expensive ingredient. We doubt Crevax has the satisfactory quantities to justify its inclusion. Peony root and taurine covers the anti-depressant qualities of Crevax. As for the skin tone part, is there really enough wolfberry to get the required antioxidants to improve one’s skin? Since the manufacturer does not disclose quantities, it is really difficult to trust them with their claims.

What’s More:

As of this date, you will not find Crevax in the manufacturer’s website. Know, too, that despite the manufacturer’s claims, Oprah had never endorsed the product. A search on her website will yield zero results. There are also other allegations abounding that Nathans Natural, LLC.’s “before” and “after” photos have been copied off from another website.

The Bottom Line:

There have been both equal amounts of happy and ripping mad testimonials about Crevax; so, it is difficult to definitely brand Crevax as another phony supplement. The ingredients list doesn’t really give a clue about their potency. What we really don’t like, however, is their deceptive inclusion of Oprah as an endorser and their unauthorized use of the NBC, CNN, Fox News and 60 Minutes logos in their site as Crevax has never been featured by any of these channels. A product is just as shady as the company that promotes it. There may be no issuance of FTC or FDA warnings on this product; but perhaps, the company’s pulling it off their official site has pre-empted any moves by the regulating organizations. In any case, it will behoove you to look at more reliable supplements that have a track record of actually living up to their promises. We recommend you read up on Phentramin-D, a non-prescription weight loss supplement that speeds up your metabolism, boosts your energy levels, and controls your intake.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 1 / 5

One star rating for those positive feedbacks we have come across; but, the loss of four stars points to our distrust with all product claims.

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