Another bogus weight supplement to hit the market these past few years is CortiSlim. Offering a new hook by presenting cortisol as a novel path of attack in the battle against fat, CortiSlim had gotten the interest of consumers but also the ire of both the FTC and the FDA.

The Premise Behind CortiSlim:

CortiSlim is marketed as a weight loss supplement in three variations, all meant to suppress the stress hormone called cortisol. When the body is stressed, this steroid hormone is released to increase blood sugar levels and prevent the release of substances in the body that can cause inflammation. Although it works to stabilize the body in the short-term, the cortisol is an unwanted presence for the long-term. Chronic high levels of cortisol in the blood lead to impaired thyroid function, weight gain, hyperglycemia, decreased bone density, increased abdominal fat and high blood pressure, among others. Unfortunately, modern living keeps us highly stressed; hence, the rise in overweight individuals. The formulators of CortiSlim allege that their product can decrease cortisol levels. Suppressed cortisol means suppressed weight gain.

Why The FTC Is Bent On A Hanging:

The Federal Trade Commission alleges that the manufacturers of CortiSlim have made false and unsubstantiated product claims on seven counts, namely: • Weight loss between 10 to 50 pounds for all users • Weight loss of 4 to 10 pounds per week over many weeks • Capability of spot reduction, particularly in the abdominal and thigh areas • Rapid and substantial weight loss • Long-term or permanent weight loss • (or simply) Weight loss • Backing of 15 years of scientific research on the effectiveness of CortiSlim Parallel to this, the FTC has issued warning letters to 25 websites and other retailers who market products extolling their cortisol management properties, touting weight loss, disease prevention, and other health benefits. According to this body, there are no reliable scientific evidences to support any product’s claims on cortisol control for health management.

Why The FDA Itches To Tighten the Noose:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has made life additionally difficult for CortiSlim’s makers. The agency has deemed CortiSlim’s claims to be false and unproven. The following claims have been regarded by the FDA as baseless: • Elimination of cravings • Appetite control • Efficient calorie burning by thermogenesis • Decrease in hunger and stress eating • Regulates cortisol levels for effective weight management

The Bottom Line :

When a supplement is about to be hung out to dry, there’s no use looking into its ingredients. For a supplement to garner an FTC lawsuit and an FDA warning, it must be seriously phony. Unless you particularly want to prove these government organizations, wrong, don’t even think about plunking down your hard-earned money for a bottle of CortiSlim. Who knows what’s in the ingredient mix? It may not even be edible let alone healthy.

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We applaud the staunch efforts of the FTC and FDA in protecting consumer rights and health. Scammers should pay.

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