Clinitrim 5

A rather good approach to ingredient combination in diet supplements is the incorporation of standardized, patented formulas. Clinitrim 5 is one such product that incorporates these.

What Clinitrim 5 Is:

Clinitrim 5 contains five compounds promising to help the dieter lose as much as 5 pounds in 5 days or at least 2 pounds in a week. The aim of this non-prescription pill is to suppress appetite while increasing or maintaining energy levels. Clinitrim 5 is marketed only to adults who have more than fifteen pounds to lose. In fact, the supplement can only be taken in 5-day intervals (5 seems to be the magic number here.) This means you can take Clinitrim 5 for a period of 5 days straight, stop another 5 days, then resume taking it for another 5 days and so forth. Why this is so, the official website does not elaborate.

How Clinitrim 5 Busts Excess Weight:

All five compounds are all supposed to work together to help you lose weight fast. Some compounds work as appetite suppressants while others function as fat burners.

What’s In A Pill:

A total of five clinically proven ingredient groups in a pill work their magic. Some are patented formulas while others are compounds that have undergone documented clinical studies. These are: • Group 1 – Yerba Mate, Guarana, and Damiana This combination has been scientifically proven to increase satiety levels and lengthen the period of gastric emptying which reconditions the stomach to accept less food intake and consequently less calories. • Group 2 – Glucommanan Not exactly a compound as glucommanan is the only ingredient; however, glucommanan deserves to be in a category all by itself. It is a dietary fiber, forty percent of which is made up of the roots of the konjac plant. In an 8-week double blind trial, glucommanan has proven to increase satiety as well as decrease bad cholesterol with no side effects. • Group 3 — 5-HTP 5-Hydroxytryptophan, another stand-alone in its category, is an amino acid that corrects the level of serotonin production in genetically predisposed obese individuals. Three clinical studies on 5-HTP at the University of Rome showed that it induced less caloric intake and increased satiety levels enough to promote significant weight loss. • Group 4 — 7-Keto DHEA 7-Keto is a patented non-toxic, natural metabolite of DHEA. This is a safe alternative to the parent compound, DHEA which has the undesirable side effect of elevating testosterone in women and estrogen in men. 7-Keto boosts metabolism by simulating three thermogenic enzymes to burn fat without any reported side effects. • Group 5 – Super Citrimax®, ChromeMate®, Gymnema Sylvestre A mix of proprietary and patented blends, this group accelerates weight loss by doing the following: o Super Citrimax® – a patented, natural blend of the garcinia cambogia fruit and other ingredients that has tested well as an appetite suppressant and fat inhibitor. o ChromeMate® — a patented formula with chromium that helps metabolize fat, control hunger and appetite, and efficiently converts sugar to energy o Gymnema Sylvestre – an Indian herb that helps regulate blood sugar levels and stop sugar cravings All these ingredients are on the label but none come with stated quantities. No one can tell how much of what ingredient is present in each capsule. You’ll just have to take the manufacturer’s word regarding the wonderful effectivity of their product.

The Bottom Line:

Clinitrim 5 must be as good as advertised. In fact at present, it is sold out according to its official website. As to whether this is a marketing ploy, we don’t know. We only hope that the next available batches of Clinitrim carry ingredient quantities. Despite its seeming effectivity, know that there are stimulants in this concoction. Sensitive persons should be aware of their reactions to each ingredient.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 4 /5

We know it works; but, full disclosure of ingredient quantities engenders more trust, don’t you think?

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