People today have realized the importance of a clean, healthy digestive system. As such, colon cleansing supplements, along with diet supplements are having their heyday. Because there is a correlation between the efficiency of the body to eliminate waste and its ability to regulate weight, colon cleansing pills have gained popularity as weight loss supplements as well. Let’s see how Cleansonix fares as a diet supplement.

What Is Cleansonix?

Cleansonix is touted as one of the strongest colon cleansers around. Cleansonix is not a pill but a powder that can easily be mixed into your fruit juices. It boasts eight patented and proven formulas with all-natural ingredients.

How Cleansonix Busts Excess Weight:

Another interesting approach to weight loss is to look into the efficiency of your digestive system. Is it in tip-top shape? Are you eliminating body wastes efficiently? Are you free of chronic problems such as flatulence, bad breath, fatigue, haemorrhoids, yeast infections, constipation, bloating, and a bulging gut? If your answer is no, then perhaps your sluggish weight loss or even unanticipated weight gain could be blamed on toxin and waste build-up in the colon. Cleansonix’s main aim is to help cleanse your colon of waste matter which had not been effectively eliminated by the natural processes of your digestive system. Because the body has a waste management problem, it may also have a problem of eliminating excess fat. In this light, Cleansonix may work like a diet supplement after the fact of being an effective colon cleanser first. Combined with a low calorie diet and exercise, Cleansonix may assist in weight loss. Pound losses, however, may not be as significant as those which other diet supplements can give you. After all, Cleansonix is primarily a colon cleanser with only the potential for contributing to weight loss.

What’s In The Powder?

There are eight patented natural formulas, namely: • Oatvantage™ — a concentrated oat soluble fiber • Viscofiber™ — a blend of oat and barley soluble fibers which, aside from improving intestinal function, retards starch digestion and simple carbohydrate absorption to promote increased levels of satiety • LinumLife Flaxseed™ — lignin-rich flax ingredient that improves microflora in the digestive system and therefore better intestinal environment • Litesse® — a special form of carbohydrate which works as a dietary fiber. When combined with other formulas, Litesse® will help balance the gastrointestinal environment, thus ensuring fat reduction. • Corowise® — made up of plant sterols and extracts that helps reduce bad cholesterol • VitaVeggie — a combination of vegetable-based antioxidants taken from broccoli, sprouts, tomatoes, spinach, kale, carrots, Brussel sprouts and onion. It promotes good insulin levels and glucose metabolism, among many others. • Fibersol-2™ — reduces toxins caused by bacteria in the colon, improves bowel movement and volume. • Cinnulin PF® — a recent study has proven this cinnamon extract to decrease body fat, enhance lean body mass, and lower blood pressure It is clear that Cleansonix is rife with fiber-rich ingredients targeted to get rid of colon toxins and improve colon health. The weight loss factors in these ingredients are merely secondary, causative benefits.

The Bottom Line:

Cleansonix is, first and foremost, a colon cleansing supplement not a weight loss pill. All eight patented ingredients are top-rated digestive cleansing agents, which are all safe and natural. As a colon cleanser, it is worth the buy but as a weight loss supplement, it can’t make any promises; and, it doesn’t. Weight loss, if it does occur with this product, will merely be the happy consequence of a better digestive tract. If weight loss is your aim, look to fat burners or appetite suppressants dedicated in this department. Caralluma Actives or Phentramin-D should make a sound choice.

Weight Comment’s Rating : 3 / 5

As a colon cleanser, Cleansonix deserves a solid five stars; but, as a diet supplement, it can’t compete with dedicated weight loss pills.

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