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Have you ever wished you had the appetite of a bird? One of the biggest obstacles to losing weight is having that that iron discipline to say “NO” to those delectable calorie dense dishes, chips and desserts. One whiff and the cravings kick in. What you need to do is summon that will of steel or admit to your weakness with a bottle of appetite suppressants. Let’s take a look at one of the newest craze in weight loss ingredients to hit the market: caralluma fimbriata.

What’s With The Exotic Name?

Caralluma fimbriata is the scientific name of a certain cactus that grows in India. Its common names are Kalli mooliyan or kallimudayan (in Tamil), Yugmaphallottama (in Sanskrit) and Ranshabar, makad shenguli and shindala makadi (in Marathi). They are all a mouthful, if you aren’t Indian, so let’s simply call this interesting plant, caralluma. Caralluma has been ingested for centuries by Indian tribesmen to dampen hunger and appetite during hunting expeditions. The plant, classified as a vegetable, has undergone toxicology studies as per OECD standards and been awarded the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status. Moreover, clinical trials have proven caralluma to be safe and effective for weight loss.

What Is Caralluma Burn?

To get caralluma to mainstream weight losers, Bowtrol Supplements has taken its extract, sheathed it in vegetable capsules and voila!…formulated a conceivably revolutionary appetite suppressant. Slapped with a label titled Caralluma Burn, this diet supplement promises to curb your appetite to help you adhere to your diet program.

How Caralluma Burn Busts Excess Weight:

Caralluma Burn has just one ingredient: the extract from the caralluma fimbriata plant. The plant in itself is a powerful appetite squelcher. The supplement gives you the feeling of “fullness” even if you’ve eaten only half of your usual meal volume. Your cravings diminish as a result so that over snacking and binge eating are drastically done away with. Less caloric intake means a daily caloric deficit leading to lost pounds.

What’s In A Pill?

One bottle of Caralluma Burn contains 30 capsules, each containing 500 mg. of Slimaluma™. Slimaluma™ is simply the trademark name of the standardized extract of caralluma fimbriata. This is the only ingredient in each pill.

Side Effects :

As a hundred percent natural supplement, Caralluma Burn has no known major side effects. The most one can get, barring allergic reactions, are very temporary feelings of upset stomach, constipation and gassiness. There should be no jitters and anxiety issues usually associated with other appetite suppressants as this supplement is completely free of stimulants such as caffeine and ephedra.

The Bottom Line:

You may just get your money’s worth with this one as Caralluma Burn contains a clinically proven ingredient. It is, however, unclear if the ingredient in extract form is potent enough to work as advertised. Classified as safe, caralluma fimbriata may be taken for long durations which may accustom the body to eat food in much smaller volumes. As the supplement taker, you may just acquire the habit of low calorie style eating when taking Caralluma Burn for some time. Once off the supplement, the modified eating style may be so ingrained as to allow you to keep excess weight off indefinitely. On the flipside, since appetite suppressants send satiety signals to the brain, taking the dieter off the supplement may also cause him to revert to previous appetite levels. This can happen. That is why it is important to make the necessary lifestyle changes when under the supplement’s influence so that you can regulate your weight permanently, once you decide to stop taking Caralluma Burn.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 4.5 /5

Just like another caralluma-based product, Caralluma Actives, Caralluma Burn may be a good weight loss aid; but, being new to the market, it still has to prove its mettle.

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