With the proliferation of diet supplements, choosing the best one is a confusing decision. Most pills have more or less the same components with a bit of ingredient tweaks here and there, but there are a few that truly stand out in the crowd with unique ingredient offers and interesting weight loss approaches. One of these is Calotren.

The Science Behind Calotren:

Calotren is a nutritional supplement based on the protein, collagen hydrolysate. As an essential element in muscle building, collagen is protein found in muscle and connective tissue of both humans and animals. The premise behind the formulation of Calotren stems from the fact that protein builds bones and muscles. In this context, collagen, as a protein, helps build lean muscle mass which in turn increases the body’s basal metabolic rate (BMR) or the rate at which energy is consumed by the body while it is at rest. The higher the BMR, the more efficiently your body can burn those calories. Lean or fat-free muscle mass, however, cannot be developed without anaeorobic exercise such as resistance training. Collagen by itself cannot contribute to muscle building. As such, it is completely useless as a weight loss aid for couch potatoes.

What Calotren Does:

Top Of The World Distributors, Calotren’s manufacturer, claims the collagen content in Calotren can give manifold benefits: • Weight loss • Increased energy • Decreased arthritic or joint pain and increase in joint range of movement • Joint repair • Production of cartilage • Less wrinkles • Improved nails, skin and hair • Improved sleep quality — As with the makers of Ambitrim, Calotren manufacturer believes in a good night’s sleep as vital to the weight loss process

What’s In A Pill:

The ingredient list is surprisingly short. This means each ingredient must be highly effective as they must come in higher concentrations. A supplement crammed with all the goodies may not have them in sufficient quantities to make the difference they should. Calotren comes in both capsule and liquid form. The liquid preparation differs from the capsules simply with the addition of oxygenated water and flavoring ingredients. Both forms incorporate these major active components: • Collagen hydrolysate — a highly absorbable protein sourced from cows or marine animals (your choice). Note that beef collagen is BSE certified (free from Mad Cow Disease). • Aloe Vera — a natural detoxifier that allows the body to absorb more nutrients. It is an antioxidant as well and as such possesses good anti-aging properties Calotren contains no stimulants such as caffeine and ephedra. It is therefore free of side effects, unless you are allergic to an ingredient; and, it is advertised as non-reactant to any medication.

What To Expect:

Because Calotren helps you lose weight naturally, weight loss is slower than what other supplements offer. Significant weight loss shows in about 4-6 weeks, although those with a naturally higher metabolic rate may see results in a month. Weight loss is assumed to follow if an exercise regimen to build lean muscle mass is adhered to. A healthy diet will yield better results. The manufacturer cautions though that Calotren may not work for individuals with thyroid problems.

The Bottom Line:

Does Calotren work? The whole premise behind it sits on solid ground; but, as to the product, we aren’t too sure. Resistance training in itself builds muscle mass and does induce fat reduction, with or without collagen-based supplements. Perhaps we can view Calotren as simply a boost to protein intake but not really a weight loss product per se. With its added anti-aging and cosmetic benefits, however, it may be worth a try just for the heck of it. Can you honestly pass up an offer of possibly looking slimmer and younger? Just be mindful there are no refunds for opened bottles.

Weight Watcher’s Rating: 4 / 5

Collagen supplements are the new “in” thing but no clinical trials have proven their merit. May not work for some people but the product is based on a proven premise.

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  1. From Suzanne Pentz

    I just turned 52 and I do take meds for an under active thyroid. My daughter-in-law bought it but didn’t care for it simply because her eating habits made it difficult to take on an empty stomach at night.
    I am only on my second week and already, before reading any reviews, I took mental inventory of what I was feeling. I am sleeping better, I am much more alert when I wake, my knees aren’t hurting as much as they were, and though I have not measured I already see a difference in the way my pants fit
    . To be fair I have started watching what I eat. I can’t wait to see what happens in a 90 day time period.