Obesity is a modern plague regarded by many as a true disease. Pharmaceuticals race to perfect drugs to control obesity; but all these concoctions are far from perfect. They are, however, a huge help to get overwhelmingly overweight individuals to kick-start weight loss and incorporate healthy lifestyle changes.

What Is Bontril:

Bontril is a prescription-only drug that is formulated for obese individuals or those with body mass indices of 30 and over. Bontril’s generic name is Phendimetrazine, a stimulant closely similar to amphetamine. Bontril belongs to the category of appetite suppressants. Because of its propensity to cause drug dependency and its numerous caveats and side effects, this drug should be taken with full medical approval and monitoring. Taking Bontril without a prescription is very dangerous and even fatal, especially for individuals with health problems. Bontril is far from a miracle drug, but it is a potent one. A determination to stick to a good diet and exercise plan should accompany the consumption of this drug, as this medication does have a restricted ingestion period. You will need to work hard on your plan in the prescription time given to get optimum results.

How Bontril Busts Excess Weight:

Bontril stimulates the nerves and brain to accelerate heart rate and raise blood pressure in order to decrease your appetite. This is why prescription period is kept to a few weeks in which the dieter is expected to have adapted to his nutrition and exercise regimens. Bontril cannot be prescribed to people with medical histories or prevailing medical conditions such as drug abuse, heart and circulatory issues, thyroid problems and the like.

Side Effects:

There are numerous side effects ranging from mild to severe.

Mild Side Effects:

• Anxiety, restlessness, hyperactivity • Jitters, headaches, dizziness • Insomnia • Hot flushes and tingly feelings • Dry mouth • Diarrhea • Constipation • Erectile Dysfunction or Decreased Interest In Sex

Red Flag Symptoms needing urgent medical attention:

• Extreme mood swings • High blood pressure • Severe headache • Ringing or buzzing ears • Blurred vision • Confusion • Anxiety • Chest pain • Shortness of breath • Seizures • Uneven Heartbeat • Irritability • Uncustomary thoughts and behaviour • Faintness • Swollen feet or ankles • Allergic reactions such as swollen lips, face, tongue or throat Given the danger it poses, it is imperative your physician know the minutiae of your medical history so he can make the correct decision whether or not to put you on this drug.

How Bontril Measures Up:

As a weight management pill, Bontril is no doubt effective. The side effects and precautions, however, are simply too numerous to render this a good choice, despite your doctor’s prescription. There are other choices in the market that can do the job without serious side effects. In fact, there are diet pills out there that have been manufactured as an alternative to Bontril and other amphetamine-related weight loss drugs. One such diet pill is Phentramin-D. Phentramin-D is a safe, non-prescription supplement that effectively targets weight loss with minimal side effects, if any. Given its potency, safety and price factors (you save some from doctor’s visits and prescriptions), this weight loss pill is a better pick.

The Bottom Line:

A tendency to provoke a dependency on it plus its host of side effects overwhelmingly tips Bontril’s balance scale toward the negative, despite its efficacy. Losing weight is a matter of health, yes, but it wouldn’t hurt to opt for safer alternatives which work just as well.

Weight Comment’s Rating : 3 / 5

Effectivity just isn’t worth trading for safety and good overall health.

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