Five Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Tweet You’ve been watching what goes in your mouth; still, the scale isn’t budging. You’re not a pound less than you were last week or two weeks ago. What are you doing wrong? Has it ever occurred to you that you may be sabotaging your own diet? Here are five [...]

Eat Your Chocolate While Shedding Pounds

Tweet Choc-aholics, rejoice! You may have found your perfect diet. No need to despair about having to give up your favorite treat to lose weight. You can shed those pounds while enjoying chocolate in moderation. Follow these tips on how to successfully incorporate chocolate into your diet. Apportion Your Chocolate Calorie Intake The key [...]

Why You Should Eat Pineapples

Tweet Picture the tropics and you just have to visualize coconuts and pineapples somewhere in there. Anas comosus, commonly known as the pineapple, thrives only in tropical climates particularly in South America, Hawaii, and some portions of Asia. Although it is not related to pine (and neither to the apple), its resemblance [...]

Brown Rice and Your Health

Tweet After corn and wheat, rice is the third most cultivated grain in the world. A huge portion of the world’s population depends on rice for nutrition and calories. Rice contributes to one fifth of the calories consumed globally by people. It is a staple food for the majority of its consumers [...]

Are Whey Protein Smoothies Good For Weight Loss?

Are Whey Protein Smoothies Good for Weight Loss?Tweet When weight loss is the goal, a two-pronged game plan is the way to go about attaining the skinny body you want. The strategies are by no means easy but that’s just about the way the ball rolls when it comes to weight loss. One, exercise is a must. [...]