What Is Atro-Phex?

Another supplement making waves in the bodybuilding world is a powerful thermogenic, Atro-Phex. One pill has a 724 mg. ingredient profile that covers five matrices, each intended to work synergistically toward fat loss, muscle enhancement, and mood management. As a product targeted for the muscle building market, Atro-Phex is effective only for healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 50 who are serious about resistance training and acquiring lean muscle physiques. Average dieters or obese individuals may be well advised to look elsewhere to less specifically tailored supplements such as Phentramin-D or African Mango, as the ingredient matrices may prove too strong for the average dieter. Its manufacturer, Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition (BSN), is a well established nutritional supplement company that has won eight awards at the 2009 Supplement Awards; but, it has also been issued an Ephedra and misclaim warning letter for one of their products, Thermonex.

The Atro-Phex Structure:

Atro-Phex is a powerhouse of five distinct formulas, namely: 1. Adipose Atrophy and Energy Stimulator Matrix The matrix is designed to increase energy level, mental alertness, well being, metabolic rate, and caloric control. Ingredients include: • Phenetyhylamine – purportedly has mood enhancing and weight-loss properties. Studies have shown however that when taken orally, it is metabolized too rapidly to allow significant concentrations to reach the brain. It is, therefore, questionable whether this ingredient is especially effective here. • Hordenine – a stimulant, the inclusion of which may serve to counteract the rapid processing of the aforementioned phenetyhylamine to render its oral ingestion effective • Raspberry ketones – There are some conclusive studies that support the ingredient’s prevention of fat synthesis and rise in triglycerides to dangerous levels. • IFAS50 – a blend of fat formation fighters, namely green tea, fleece flower and mulberry mistletoe • Phenylalanine – stimulates the release of the hormone CCK or cholecystokinin which controls satiety. • Yohimbe – a controversial herb that does contribute to weight loss but carries a high risk factor for toxicity, anxiety attacks, seizures, renal failures and even death. Yohimbe is currently under investigation regarding its safety in nutritional supplements. • Caffeine (methylxanthine) – almost indispensable in many dietary supplements because of its potent fat burning properties • Synephrone (citrus aurantium) – alternative to the banned thermogenic agent, ephedra • Naringin – a flavanoid found in grapefruit and has a positive synergistic effect with caffeine. Naringin helps increase a supplement’s potency as well. • Bioperine® – a patented formula that aids in the effective absorption of supplement ingredients

2. Mood & Mental Performance Optimizers

The ingredient mix has a lot of antioxidants to increase the feeling of energy and promote mental acuity. Ingredients include: • Tyrosine – an amino acid that helps reduce the effects of stress. In this case, the ingredient can enhance mood and physical performance of an individual subjected to the stress of resistance training. • Vitamin B6 – a mood lifter • Vitamin B9 (Folate) – reduces cholesterol accumulation in the liver and blood. Also promotes mental agility. • Vinburnine, Vinpocetine, Vincamine – eases blood flow to the brain 3. Aqua-Retic Matrix™ This formula specifically targets water retention which masks muscle shape and definition. It contains: • Juniper Berry Extract – a good diuretic • Dandelion leaf – destroys excess blood acids that overweight people accumulate when losing weight. • Lovage – another diuretic that encourages urine flow and thereby promotes kidney cleansing • European Goldenrod – a safe diuretic herb also used for kidney and bladder inflammations 4. Insulin Support & Weight Management The only ingredient is cinnamon bark extract which clinical trials have proven to be effective in decreasing fasting blood sugar. 5. Pro-thyroid Stimulator Holds two special formulas: • 7-Keto® — a patented formula that aids in proper thyroid functioning for better metabolic processes. Other benefits include immune system improvement, weight loss, and memory enhancement. • Dicana™ — a thyroid metabolite proven to be an effective metabolic enhancer in some animal-based trials.

How Astro-Phex Measures Up:

The five matrices are all proprietary blends which do not disclose the exact amounts of each ingredient. Who knows then if some of these ingredients may simply be “label spicers” because they may not exist in amounts significant enough to make a difference. On the other hand though, the supplement has gotten numerous positive feedback along with a smattering of minor complaints on side effects such as headaches and the like. Perhaps, true to their ingredients list, all these contents, whatever their amounts, may be synergistically balanced to work effectively in concert. Unfortunately, a number of the ingredients provoke side effects; so, individuals with medical issues should perhaps give this a wide berth, as per the Atro-Phex label warning. As with all diet supplements, always read their warning labels. Occurrence of side effects should not be laid at the supplement’s door if warnings on the labels have not been heeded. Consult with your doctor before taking any supplement. In this case, extra precaution may be in order because the product contains the disputatious yohimbe.

The Bottom Line:

This supplement may be worth a try if you wish to look utterly chiseled. Just as with any diet pill, you’ll have to put in major effort, of course, for Atro-Phex to work its magic.

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Effective but we’d like to see what we’re exactly taking in.

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