With a burgeoning market for quick answers to looking young, slim and fit, it is no wonder that a lot of scams exist. The weight loss industry is one of the best venues to embezzle desperate, overweight people of hard-earned cash with promises of fast pound drops with minimal effort.

What is Anatrim?

Anatrim claims to be an appetite suppressant with a major active ingredient, an extract from a cactus called anatrim gordonii. Search the web and you will find that such cactus does not exist. A non-existent ingredient source must, in itself, raise a red flag. With this in mind, it isn’t necessary to go into the ingredients list to find out if the product is worth breaking the bank at about U$ 99.95, U$ 85.00 or U$ 75.00 (the prices vary) for one month’s supply of “goodness-knows-what’s-in-it” pills.

Why Anatrim Is A Phony Supplement:

Anatrim raises red flags everywhere:

• Marketing Tactic

Anatrim’s marketing relies on email spamming to advertise the supplement. E-mail spamming is a selling technique of many dubious companies.

• Lack of Manufacturer Information

You will be hard pressed to find the official Anatrim site. We can’t find it either. You will, however, find a plethora of sites warning consumers about Anatrim. According to one site, they had the luck to find the official website promoting the product, but only after assiduous hunting. The Anatrim site, they said, was laughable because the promotional text, including the FAQs, were badly written. A badly represented site is often a hallmark of a “fly-by-nighter.” Websites linked to spam emails don’t mention the manufacturer nor offer any contact numbers or addresses. Anatrim is a product of unknown origin.

• Questionable Product Information

One ingredient does not exist. Do you think an Anatrim pill actually contains what it claims it does: green tea extract, sprirulina, ginger root, garcinia cambogia, et al? We don’t think so. Who knows what it actually contains?

The Bottom Line:

Everything about this product smacks of a scam, albeit a sloppy one. Keep your cash or invest it in weight loss pills from reputable companies such as those of Phentramin-D, African Mango, and Adipozin.

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