Here’s an interesting diet pill that takes on weight loss at a new angle: sleep. AmbiSlim is formulated with a two-part goal: weight loss and a good night’s rest. Let’s see how this product pans out.

The Premise Behind AmbiSlim

There have been several scientific studies linking excess weight with lack of sleep. According to the official AmbiSlim website, “People who get 5 hours or less of QUALITY SLEEP are 73% more likely to be Clinically OBESE than those who get 7+ hours of QUALITY SLEEP!” Adequate sleep means you wake up refreshed everyday, with more energy and zeal to live a healthy lifestyle of working out and making the right diet choices.

How AmbiSlim Busts Excess Weight

Correct nutrition and sufficient exercise are often cited as prime factors of good health and fitness. Ample rest, however, is often overlooked as the third important factor in the fitness triumvirate. The right amount of sleeping hours helps your body burn fat better as your cells are well refreshed to go about their metabolic work, efficiently. The ingredients in an AmbiSlim capsule promises to assist you in losing weight even while you sleep. The official site promises some loss of poundage after the first seven days. Weight loss and sleeping habits gets better at about three months of continued use. This weight loss promise however is tagged to a sensible diet and exercise.

What’s In A Pill?

The ingredients in AmbiSlim have been blended together to promote a two-pronged action for you to:

• Lose Pounds with:

o Decaffeinated Green Tea – green tea extract burns fat calories even without its caffeine content o Slimaluma – extract from an edible cactus that acts as a hunger suppressant o Chromium polycotinate — regulates blood sugar levels and metabolism; helps build muscle o Dandelion Root – a gentle diuretic and a storehouse of antioxidants o Coleus Forskohlii– assists in breaking down adipose tissue and preventing formation of fatty tissue. This herbal plant also increases production of thyroid hormones responsible for stimulating metabolism. o Cinammon – extract that improves glucosic metabolism

• Sleep Better with:

o Valerian Root – has long been used as an herbal sleep remedy, especially effective in the treatment of insomnia o Passion Flower – an herbal sedative used to treat people who have sleep difficulty o Hops Flower – an effective natural nervine also used for insomniacs o Jujube Extract – aside from its anti-cancer properties, this herbal decoction has a good sedative effect o Phenibut — a natural derivative of the amino acid, GABA, used to soothe anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. o Chamomile Extract – a popular ancient herbal treatment for sleep difficulties, tension, and inflammations o Melatonin – a powerful ingredient that helps regulate your body’s Circadian Rhythm, your internal clock that tells you when to sleep and wake up AmbiSlim’s ingredients seem to be all natural and free of stimulants such as caffeine. Caffeine is an ingredient very popular in most diet pills because it is used to increase metabolic rate. As a strong stimulant, however, caffeine has numerous side effects from nausea to anxiety attacks. AmbiSlim veers away from stimulants, looking toward natural sedatives to do the reverse: induce sleep, using rest to increase metabolic rate instead. Unless you are allergic to certain ingredients, this diet supplement can be said to be safer than most, with its all-natural composition.

The Bottom Line

AmbiSlim may be a boon for those who wish to lose weight and solve their sleeping issues as well. Two pills are recommended one to two hours before bedtime. Like all supplements, diet and exercise must accompany these weight loss pills. AmbiSlim users must be cautioned though on developing a long term dependency on the supplement for their sleep. This supplement should simply be used to assist you in getting good sleeping and eating habits. AmbiSlim is also for patient weight losers. Results take some time as your body has to adjust its sleeping patterns before it can become an efficient fat burner as well. If you are looking toward losing weight faster, perhaps Phentramin-D will be more of a help in this area; otherwise, AmbiSlim is a supplement worth the try.

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A safe pill that solves two health issues in one blow….what’s not to like?

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