Adipozin is marketed as the generic version and reasonably priced alternative to Adipozil. This weight loss supplement boasts a money back guarantee its competitor does not offer. With the company’s confidence backing its product, let’s see how Adipozin measures up.

How Adipozin Busts Excess Weight:

Adipozin is formulated to promote thermogenesis, a process by which the body’s temperature is raised. A raised temperature increases metabolism which in turn escalates the body’s calorie burning capacity. Along with its thermogenic properties, the supplement also has ingredients that suppress appetite and boost energy levels.

What’s In A Pill?

Each Adipozin capsule contains a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients. Adipozen’s combination of clinically tested natural and synthetic contents assures weight loss from 4-9 lbs. per week. Some people may lose weight without special diets or exercise while on this supplement. However, the manufacturer encourages its customers to use their product together with healthy diets and adequate exercise to help them lose weight faster and keep those pounds off for good. Unless you know your herbs, you may conclude that the product does not contain caffeine. However, caffeine is almost indispensable as a thermogenic agent. It is present in Adipozen’s three herbal ingredients, namely: • Green tea • Guarana — has 22 % caffeine • Yerba Mate — has 10% caffeine Damiana, glucomannan, pomegranate, fucoxanthin are the other natural ingredients in Adipozin which provide the diet suppressing and efficient fat burning properties. Patented ingredients, each with their own published clinical studies, lend more credence to the effectiveness of this weight loss supplement. These are: • ForsLean® — helps increase lean muscle mass, contributing effectively to thermogenesis • Super Citrimax Cinical Strength —increases serotonin levels which regulates appetite; raises metabolism; lowers bad cholesterol • 20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone or Ecdysterone — a phytochemical from herbs which makes the body highly anabolic. This helps reduce body fat and increases lean muscle tissue by as much as 6-7%. • Chromax® — a brand of chromium picolinate which also helps reduce body fat and increase lean body mass

What Are The Side Effects?

As Adipozin has a relatively high caffeine content, nervousness, insomnia, anxiety attacks, diarrhea and rapid heartbeat may be unwanted reactions to caffeine sensitive dieters. Damiana may also decrease the body’s capacity to absorb iron. Pomegranate can cause allergic reactions. It is always best to consult your doctor before deciding on taking any diet supplement. As with all supplements, common sense and caution should always prevail. In general, though, Adipoxin’s ingredients are safe. Many of these are staples in many other diet supplements as well. This fat burner can prove to be a safe and effective way of flushing out those unwanted pounds.

The Bottom Line:

Adipozin packs much more bang for the buck at U$ 59.99 over rival Adipozil. If coupled with healthy food choices and exercise, these diet pills can jumpstart your body toward being an efficient fat burning machine. As long as its use isn’t prolonged and the dieter not sensitive to the ingredients, health and safety shouldn’t be an issue. Of course it always pays to get a green light from your medical practitioner.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 4 / 5

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