With a growing resistance to prescription-only weight loss pills, a lot of herbal or non-prescription alternatives have entered the diet pill market with much success. Acompliex is one such alternative formulated to be the non-prescription choice to the weight loss drug, Acomplia.

What Acompliex Is:

Acompliex is marketed as a powerful appetite suppressant with natural ingredients that work the same way as those in the prescription pill, Acomplia. Acompliex is supposed to help you lose weight without the side effects felt by takers of Acomplia.

How Acompliex Busts Excess Weight:

Food cravings for high calorie edibles are simply your body’s unfortunate response to a perceived food shortage when you start restricting your calorie intake. Acompliex gradually tricks the body toward the right path of thinking, “All’s well, no famine; so, I don’t need all that food.” Your cravings and appetite are suppressed and the feeling of satiety is present longer to ultimately make you eat less. Acompliex works best for people with an excess weight of over twenty pounds. A good diet plan and exercise will work wonders in combination with this supplement.

What’s In A Pill:

There are two main active ingredients: • PA (Pinolenic Acid) — a fatty acid found in seeds of some conifers such as the Korean Pine nut. It triggers two hormones, CCK (cholecystokinin) and GLP-1. CKK acts to suppress appetite and GLP-1 inhibits acid secretion and gastric emptying while increasing the feeling of “fullness.” • Hoodia Gordonii — a cactus native to South Africa and Namibia. This succulent has gained popularity as an natural, effective appetite suppressant with several animal studies proving its weight loss potential With these two potent ingredients working in concert, the Acompliex formula may well be one of the best appetite suppressants around. Ingredients are certified safe by GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

What to Expect:

Losing weight with an effective appetite suppressant combined with adequate exercise and good food choices is the way to go. Expect to lose significantly at a healthy rate without the usual side effects associated with weight loss pills. There is no caffeine, no ephedrine and no ma huang to give you the jitters or anxiety attacks. You probably will not feel many side effects unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients. To be safe, consult your physician.

The Bottom Line:

There are hardly any sites complaining about Acompliex, but there are a lot giving it a thumbs up. We give our approval too. Acompliex is manufactured by Lazarus Labs, a well established, reputable company which also produces other effective diet supplements such as Phentramin-D.

Weight Comment’s Rating: 5 / 5

We trust the manufacturer to have produced an exemplary appetite suppressant.

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