7 Day Detox

What is the 7 Day Detox?

The 7 Day Detox refers to diet pills that targets excess weight loss through detoxification. The philosophy behind the formulation of the 7 Day Detox diet pill is that toxins are major contributors to a sluggish metabolism. Cleansing the body of waste materials is an effective and healthy way to re-establish proper metabolic reactions. Dieters actually get three-pronged benefits: significant weight loss (manufacturer claims weight loss max. of 24 lbs. in first 7 days); a cleansed system; and an overall sense of well-being.

Is 7 Day Detox Safe?

7 Day Detox does the rare thing. Only a few supplementations, if any, dare list all ingredients down to their exact proportions in the formula. If the exact formulation listing still does not engender your trust, perhaps it may allow your doctor to make an intelligent assessment of the product. For those sensitive to caffeine, it is worth noting that the product contains 97 mg. of anhydrous caffeine. Please consult your doctor before trying 7 Day Detox pills. If caffeine does not bother you, then great! It will get you faster down the road to weight loss. While the people behind 7 Day Detox recommend lots of water and some exercise for the 7 day period, they caution against intense workouts.

What’s In It?

Of its 34 ingredients, most, if not all, are natural. Here’s a general idea: • Caffeine Just like the majority of diet supplements, 7 Day Detox contains caffeine. Caffeine in this product is in its anhydrous or dehydrated form, a powerful energy accelerant. Caffeine boosts metabolism, reduces cravings for food, and accelerates calorie-burning. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you should consult your doctor before trying 7 Day Detox pills. • Potassium Gluconate Potassium gluconate is an essential mineral supplement that works to convert food to energy and promote muscle tissue. It is critical to maintaining the nervous system, metabolic processes, blood pressure, the body’s PH and water content. Although essential, few people get enough of this supplement. • Chromium Polynicotinate Chromium Polynicotinate is a type of chromium that acts as an appetite suppressant, metabolism booster, and a general reducer of body fat. As a derivative of the natural mineral chromium, it is often used in many nutritional supplementations. • Fiber Fiber sources in the 7 Day Detox formula come from many sources. Oat bran, psyllium husk, barley rice, flax seed and glucomannan form the fiber content in each pill. Fiber is a very important detoxifying agent. It eliminates wastes and poisonous substances in the body by binding to them and urging the body to purge them through defecation. Healthy diets always recommend substantial servings of fruits and vegetables because these are high in fiber, a vital material in keeping your system clean. • Herb and Fruit Extracts Herbs and fruits that form the 7 Day Detox pill ingredients have been carefully chosen for their effective diuretic, anti-oxidant and detox properties. Dandelion root, alfalfa, ginger root, goldenseal and parsley are a few of the many that form this category of ingredients.

Any Side Effects?

When the body is correcting itself, there are bound to be some short-term discomfort and side effects. Detoxification may naturally subject you to some uncomfortable experiences while the body is getting rid of its pollutants. Expect some of these temporary discomforts while detoxifying: • Flatulence — You’ll be “gassy” for some time • Overactive Sweat Glands — The body is getting rid of toxins through your pores, causing your sweat glands to work overtime • Halitosis — You may have bad breath while the body is cleansing itself • Nausea • Diarrhea and Increased Bowel Movements — Out with all that junk!

Does 7 Day Detox Work?

Yes, it works! If used properly, you will experience significant weight loss along with a healthy over-all feeling within 7 days. You must know, however, that rapid weight loss also leads to rapid weight gain if this weight loss is not followed with strict changes in your eating habits and lifestyle. The 7 Day Detox pill plan should not be taken longer than a week. Taking these diet pills every other week or month will not guarantee the same results. A twice-a-year purge is the limit for 7 Day Detox to be effective.

The Bottom Line:

7 Day Detox is a rapid way to lose weight and gain the added benefit of detoxification, safely. The side effects, however, may be enough of an off-putting downside to encourage many to look for an alternative. If you’re willing to trade ultra-rapid weight loss with milder side effects, you may want to consider Phentramin-D instead. It’ll take about a month, not 7 days, to lose 25 lbs but all you’ll get is a little problem of sleeping at your normal bedtime the first week while your body is adjusting to a metabolic rise.

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If it were not for those annoying and potentially embarrassing side effects, this would have merited a solid 5 stars.

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